Bomberman 64

Credit: Code Master, Rad Fiasco, Shark Master, GSC, bmblaster, Zap2,, Robb, Viper187, GameDr4, Slab

Activator 1 P1D02AC410 00??
Activator 2 P1D02AC411 00??
Dual Activator P1D12AC410 ????
Activator 1 P2D02AC416 00??
Activator 2 P2D02AC417 00??
Dual Activator P2D12AC416 ????
Activator 1 P3D02AC41C 00??
Activator 2 P3D02AC41D 00??
Dual Activator P3D12AC41C ????
Activator 1 P4D02AC422 00??
Activator 2 P4D02AC423 00??
Dual Activator P4D12AC422 ????
Battle Mode Stage Modifier802AC61F 00??
802AC703 00??
Infinite Lives802AC627 0063
Infinite Gems802AC62F 0063
Infinite Credits802AC62B 0009
Infinite Time802AC643 0001
Enable Return to Game & Exit Prompt When Paused802AC75F 0003
Infinite Energy P1800AEE07 0002
Infinite Energy P2800AEECF 0002
Infinite Energy P3800AEF97 0002
Infinite Energy P4800AF05F 0002
Can Never Pick up Extra Hearts P1800AEE07 0001
Can Never Pick up Extra Hearts P2800AEECF 0001
Can Never Pick up Extra Hearts P3800AEF97 0001
Can Never Pick up Extra Hearts P4800AF05F 0001
Always Have Pumped up Red Remote Bombs802AC653 0004
Costume Item Modifier 1 Codes
Always Have Knight Helmet, Knight Armor, Knight Sword, Knight Shoes in 1st Position8004A481 0001
Always Have Dragon Head, Dragon Mail, Dragon Glives, Dragon Spikes in 2nd Position8004A482 0001
Always Have Iron Goggles, Iron Armor, Iron Knuckles, Iron Sneakers in 3rd Position8004A483 0001
Always Have Cat Hood, Cat Suit, Cat Paws in 4th Position8004A484 0001
Always Have Ponytails, Dress, Slash Claws, High Tops in 5th Position8004A485 0001
Always Have Sunglasses, Duck Float, Drill Arms, Duck Feet in 6th Position8004A486 0001
Always Have Chicken Head, Rocking Horse, Chicken Wings, Bubby Socks in 7th Position8004A487 0001
Always Have Samurai Head, Shogun Kimono, Fans, High Heels in 8th Position8004A488 0001
Always Have Clown Smile, Karate Ware, Boxing Gloves, Clogs in 9th Position8004A489 0001
Always Have Gold Visor, Gold Armor, Gold Gloves, Gold Boots in 10th Position8004A48A 0001
Custom Item Modifier 2 Codes
Have Knight Helmet, Dragon Head, Iron Goggles, Cat Hood, Pony Tails, Sunglasses, Chicken Head8008E570 00FF
Have Samurai Head, Clown Smile, Gold Visor, Knight Armor, Dragon Mail, Iron Armo, Cat Suit8008E571 00FF
Have Dress, Duck Float, Rocking Horse, Shotun Kimono, Karate Ware, Gold Armor, Knight Sword8008E572 00FF
Have Dragon Gloves, Iron Nuckles, Cat Paws, Slash Claws, Drill Arms, Chicken Wings, Fans, Boxing Gloves8008E573 00FF
Have Gold Gloves, Knight Shoes, Dragon Spikes, Iron Sneakers, Cat Paws, High Tops, Duck Feet8008E574 00FF
Have Bubby Socks, High Heels, Clogs, Gold Boots & 1st-4th Gold Cards (A-1)8008E575 00FF
Have All Custom Items Combined8108E570 FFFF
8108E572 FFFF
8108E574 FFFF
Have All Gold Cards For.. Codes
1st-4th (Green Garden-1)8008E575 00FF
5th (Green Garden-1) 1st-5th (Green Garden-2) 1st-2nd (Green Garden-3)8008E576 00FF
3rd-5th (Green Garden-3) 1st-5th (Green Garden-4)8008E577 00FF
1st-5th (Blue Resort-1) 1st-3rd (Blue Resort-2)8008E578 00FF
4th-5th (Blue Resort-2) 1st-5th (Blue Resort-3) 1st (Blue Resort-4)8008E579 00FF
2nd-5th (Blue Resort-4) 1st-4th (Red Mountain-1)8008E57A 00FF
1st (Red Mountain-1) 1st-5th (Red Mountain-2) 1st-2nd (Red Mountain-3)8008E57B 00FF
3rd-5th (Red Mountain-3) 1st-5th (Red Mountain-4)8008E57C 00FF
1st-5th (White Glacier-1) 1st-3rd (White Glacier-2)8008E57D 00FF
4th-5th (White Glacier-2) 1st-5th (White Glacier-3) 1st (White Glacier-4)8008E57E 00FF
2nd-5th (White Glacier-4) 1st-4th (Black Fortress-1)8008E57F 00FF
5th (Black Fortress-1) 1st-5th (Black Fortress-2) 1st-2nd (Black Fortress-3)8008E580 00FF
3rd-5th (Black Fortress-3) 1st-5th (Black Fortress-4)8008E581 00FF
1st-5th (Rainbow Palace-1) 2nd-3rd (Rainbow Palace-2)8008E582 00FF
4th-5th (Rainbow Palace-2) 1st-5th (Rainbow Palace-3) 1st (Rainbow Palace-4)8008E583 00FF
2nd-4th (Rainbow Palace-4)8008E584 00FF
Have All Gold Cards Combined8008E575 00FF
8108E576 FFFF
8108E578 FFFF
8108E57A FFFF
8108E57C FFFF
8108E57E FFFF
8108E580 FFFF
8108E582 FFFF
8008E584 00FF
Have Level Completed Codes
Green Garden-18008E5DF 0001
Green Garden-28008E5E3 0001
Green Garden-38008E5E7 0001
Green Garden-48008E5EB 0001
Blue Resort-18008E5EF 0001
Blue Resort-28008E5F3 0001
Blue Resort-38008E5F7 0001
Blue Resort-48008E5FB 0001
Red Mountain-18008E5FF 0001
Red Mountain-28008E603 0001
Red Mountain-38008E607 0001
Red Mountain-48006E60B 0001
White Glacier-18008E60F 0001
White Glacier-28008E613 0001
White Glacier-38008E617 0001
White Glacier-48008E61B 0001
Black Fortress-18008E61F 0001
Black Fortress-28008E623 0001
Black Fortress-38008E627 0001
Black Fortress-48008E62B 0001
Rainbow Palace-18008E62F 0001
Rainbow Palace-28008E633 0001
Rainbow Palace-38008E637 0001
Rainbow Palace-48008E63B 0001
More Other Codes
Bomb Type Modifier P1800AEE0B 00??
Maximum Bomb to Layouts P1800AEE0F 00FF
Maximum Blowup Area P1800AEE13 00FF
Bombs do no Damage P1800AEE13 0000
P1 Has Virus Modifier800AEE5B 00??
Bomb Type Modifier P2800AEED3 00??
Maximum Bomb to Layouts P2800AEED7 00FF
Maximum Blowup Area P2800AEEDB 00FF
Bombs do no Damage P2800AEEDB 0000
P2 Has Virus Modifier800AEF23 00??
Bomb Type Modifier P3800AEF9B 00??
Maximum Bomb to Layouts P3800AEF9F 00FF
Maximum Blowup Area P3800AEFA3 00FF
Bombs do no Damage P3800AEFA3 0000
P3 Has Virus Modifier800AEFEB 00??
Bomb Type Modifier P4800AF063 00??
Maximum Bomb to Layouts P4800AF067 00FF
Maximum Blowup Area P4800AF06B 00FF
Bombs do no Damage P4800AF06B 0000
P4 Has Virus Modifier800AF0B3 00??
Stop Main Timer802AC648 00AA
No Light802AC62C 0010
No Items802AC620 00FF
Mighty Bomberman802AC652 00FF
P1 Can Lay Out Bombs When Dead800AEE5A 0000
P1 Cant Lay Out Bombs800AEE5A 0002
P2 Can Lay Out Bombs When Dead800AEF22 0000
P2 Cant Lay Out Bombs800AEF22 0002
P3 Can Lay Out Bombs When Dead800AEFEA 0000
P3 Cant Lay Out Bombs800AEFEA 0002
P4 Can Lay Out Bombs When Dead800AF0B2 0000
P4 Cant Lay Out Bombs800AF0B2 0002
P1 Can't Move Or Do Anything800AEE00 0002
P1 Has A Medium-Sized Bomb Blast800AEE12 0002
P1 Has A Small-Sized Bomb Blast800AEE13 0002
P1 Invincible / Can't Move800AEE14 0002
P1 Carrys Bombs Strangely800AEE02 0002
After You Die 3 Continues Worth Then It Takes You To The Last Stage802AC61B 0003
No Enemies Or Pause (Still Have Items)802AC613 0004
Have Zero Lives800AC627 0000
Waterfall In Green Garden Level 1 Is Messed-Up800AC605 0063
(At Intro) Bomberman Doesn't Move800AEE14 0002
Bomberman (At Intro) Has Moved To His Left800AEE01 0002
Darkness802AC62C 0010
No Items802AC620 FFFF
After You Die 3 Continues go to Last Stage802AC61B 0003
Get A Gold Card Against Sub-BossesA02AC623 000F
Target Time Modifier812AC63A ????
Draco's Life Modifier8004C28F 00??
Leviathon's Life Modifier8004DE27 00??
Hades's Life Modifier8004D54B 00??
Mantis's Life Modifier8005037B 00??
Cerberus's Life Modifier8004E003 00??
Joker Boss's Life Modifier8005140B 00??
World Modifier802AC617 00??
Have Extra Battle Stages812AC656 0001
Target Wins Modifier (Battle Mode)812AC686 00??
Picked Up Gems Worth Modifier81279518 25D8
8127951A 00??