Army Men-Sarge's Heroes

Credit: Code Master, Ryan Toluchanian, Robb,

Activator 1 P1D0142844 00??
Activator 2 P1D0142845 00??
Dual Activator P1D1142844 ????
Maximum Visibility80070F52 0001
Incendiary Bullets! (Shoot Enemies & TheyBburn!!! Break Out The Marshmallows)80054C94 0001
Multiplayer Incendiary Bullets (You Burn When Shot)80054C81 0001
Enemies Flamethrowers Don't Work! (Neither Does Yours)8006D69D 0001
Enemies Ability To Recongnize You Lessened Slightly8005742D 0001
Flamethrowers Fire In All Directions8006BD79 0020
Everyones Weapons Floats Off When They Move (Switch Weapons To Get Yours Back)8006B1B3 0020
Get Hit, Then Walls Turn Off (Able To Just Roam)80054C81 0002
Enemies Do What You Do80054CAD 0020
Everyone Has A Flamethrower Tank On (Just Graphic)8006B3CB 0001
Everyone Never Has A Flamethrower Tank On (Just Graphic)8006B3C6 0001
Pickup Items Invisible80055E54 0001
Fast Music8008425C 0001
All Weapons8115969E 0001
Start With Max Ammo8115FCBE 0001
Immortal (Invincible)8115FCEE 0001
Infinite Continues81159692 0001
Invisible81159682 0001
Tin Solider811596A2 0001
Play As Vikki811609A2 0008
Play As Plastro811609A2 0009
Play As The Big Green One811609A2 0007
Test Info811599E6 0001
Play Level Codes
Spy Blue81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88A0
Bathroom81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88B4
Riff Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88C8
Forest81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88E0
Hoover Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88F0
Thick Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8908
Snow Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8920
Shrap Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8938
Fort Plastro81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8950
Scorch Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8968
Showdown81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8980
Sandbox81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8994
Kitchen81163FFA 0001
8116403E 89A4
Living Room81163FFA 0001
8116403E 89B4
The Way Home81163FFA 0001
8116403E 89C8
Ultra High Jump (Jump From A Running Start)810ACE50 3EFF
Super Jump810ACE50 3E80
High Jump810ACE50 3E40
Jump Really Far800ABD84 003F
Jump Farther800ABD84 003E
You Move Faster800ABD69 00FF
800ABDA9 00FF
Gigantic Enemies800AC3A0 0040
Enlarge Enemies800AC3A1 00FF
Shrink Enemies800AC3A1 0001
Microscopic Enemies810AC3A0 3E01
Enlarge Yourself800AC2ED 00FF
Shrink Yourself800AC2ED 0001
Microscopic Self810AC2EC 3E01
Flight Mode?811599EE 0001
Press Start For Other Debug Info8115FCE2 0001
Input Code Letter Capital "Q" Putput Is Now A Lower Case "z"800A7CB8 007A
Input Code Just A "C", To Activate All Levels (All Levels Doesn't Do Much Though?)810989EC 4300
810989EE 0000
810989F0 0000
810989F2 0000
810989F4 0000
Enemies Fight Themselves!!! (Works Best On Later Levels)800585D8 0020
No Enemies In Levels80056D4C 0020
Less Enemies In Levels80056688 0020
Enemies Can't Aim8006D14C 0020
Enemies Have To Reload Their Guns8006D16A 0020
Walls Off For Enemies When Hit800566D8 0020
Bullets Only Damage At Extremely Short Range (May Slow Gameplay)8006D15A 0020
Improved Gun Handling!8009C014 003E
Campaign Command (CC) Effect Mod For 'Resume'810A8C5E ????
Campaign Command (CC) Effect Mod For 'Restart'810A8C76 ????
Campaign Command (CC) Effect Mod For 'Orders'810A8C8E ????
Campaign Command (CC) Effect Mod For 'Exit Level'810A8CA6 ????
Multiplayer Command (MC) Effect Mod For 'Resume'810A8F4A ????
Multiplayer Command (MC) Effect Mod For 'Restart'810A8F62 ????
Multiplayer Command (MC) Effect Mod For 'Exit Level'810A8F7A ????
Can't Fail Missions810A04FA ED40
Everyone Has Dark Camoflauge On (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)50000804 0000
81098F22 FAE4
Flamethrower Has Air Buster Flame810A536A 5008
810A5372 5008
Flamethrower Has Cloud Flame810A536A 5224
810A5372 5224
Flamethrower Has Invisible Flame810A536A 52A0
810A5372 52A0
Mini Mode8115969A 0001
Kills Modifier P1 (Multi)8033B9BC ????
Kills Modifier P2 (Multi)8033BB78 ????