Army Men-Sarge's Heroes 2

Credit: Code Master, Ryan Toluchanian

Activator 1 P1D017A340 00??
Activator 2 P1D017A341 00??
Dual Activator P1D117A340 ????
Immortal (Invincible)811636BE 0001
Max Ammo8116368E 0001
Continues8115D062 0001
Invisible8115D052 0001
Tin Soldier8115D072 0001
Test Info8115D3B6 0001
Living Large811636AE 0001
Mini Mode8115D06A 0001
Character Modifier81164372 00??
Always Play Level Modifier81172C0A 0001
810B51AE 00??
Enemies Fight Themselves8005EE9C 0020
Incendiary Bullets (Shoot Enemies And They Burn)8005AEFF 0020
Multiplayer Incendiary Bullets (You Burn When Shot)8005AED5 0001
Get Hit, Then Walls Turn Off (Able To Just Roam)8005AED5 0002
Ultra High Jump (Jump From A Running Start)810BA890 3EFF
Super Jump810BA890 3E80
High Jump810BA890 3E40
Jump Feally Far800B9724 003F
Jump Farther800B9724 003E
Move Faster800B9705 00FF
800B9749 00FF
Gigantic Enemies800B9D70 0040
Enlarge Enemies800B9D71 00FF
Shrink Enemies800B9D71 0001
Microscopic Enemies810B9D70 3E01
Enlarge Yourself800B9CBD 00FF
Shrink Yourself800B9CBD 0001
Microscopic Self810B9CBC 3E01