Yu Yu Hakusho-Spirit Detective

Credit: Colorhaze

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000B527 000A
10021762 0007
Infinite Health-All Characters43001020 6C00
00000004 0008
Infinite Spirit Energy-All Characters43001022 6C00
00000004 0008
Max Levels/Stats-All Characters43001026 0018
00000004 0008
Have All Spirit Attacks-All Characters83000E4A FFFF
Press R Trigger+L Trigger To Reset Timer (Timed Levels)74000130 00FF
3300203D 0000
Level Select Menu74000130 02FB
33007DC9 0005
Unlock Extras Menu33007E52 0001
4095 Score (Genkai Test)830010F4 0FFF