Turbo Turtle Adventure

Credit: Shimer

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)0000F09D 000A
10013DF4 0007
Stop Timer33006C34 003E
Have All Areas Open33007DD8 0063
Have All Areas Completed (Slot A Save File)4203FE0A FFFF
00000008 0002
Have Items Codes
Green Key33006D3C 0001
Red Key33006D40 0001
Blue Key33006D44 0001
Jump Item33006D54 0009
Build Item33006D58 0009
Glide Shell33006D48 0009
Spike Shell33006D4C 0009
Panzer Shell33006D50 0009
Portal33006D5C 0009