Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Credit: Helder

Enable Code (Must Be On)00008B52 000A
1001536A 0007
Max Stats4200EE04 000F
00000008 0004
Have All Skaters82008AEC FFFF
Have All Arcade Levels42008132 FFFF
0000004E 0002
Have All Cheats8200812C FFFF
Story Mode Stages Complete/Have All Free Style Levels420089E4 0100
02020065 0002
Have All Mini Games3200844C 000F
Infinite Time (Tennis Shooter Mini Game)8201DB3C 0E43
Infinite Ammo (Tennis Shooter Mini Game)3201DB6C 0063
Infinite Time (Stylin Mini Game)820196C8 0E43
Have 0 Misses (Taggin Mini Game)320152F0 0000