Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

Credit: Shimer, StalkerX

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)00006891 000A
1001C258 0007
Quick Score Gain8202FEFC FFFF
Max Score Per Trick8202FEFC E0FF
8202FEFE 05F5
Have All Decks82005594 FFFF
82005596 FFFF
Have All Gaps42005536 FFFF
00000018 0002
Have All Movies82005582 FFFF
Unlock Secret Players42005446 FFFF
00000004 0050
Infinite Stat Points Codes
Tony Hawk32004F54 0063
Bob Burnquist32004FA4 0063
Steve Caballero32004FF4 0063
Kareem Campbell32005044 0063
Rune Glifberg32005094 0063
Eric Koston320050E4 0063
Bucky Lasek32005134 0063
Bam Margera32005184 0063
Rodney Mullen320051D4 0063
Chad Muska32005224 0063
Andrew Reynolds32005274 0063
Geoff Rowley320052C4 0063
Elissa Steamer32005314 0063
Jamie Thomas32005364 0063
Mindy320053B4 0063
FryCook32005404 0063
Momo32005454 0063
Roger320054A4 0063
Created Skater320054F4 0063
Max Stats X2 Codes (For Player On Field)
Air32030490 00C8
Hangtime32030494 00C8
Ollie32030498 00C8
Speed3203049C 00C8
Spin320304A0 00C8
Switch320304A4 00C8
Rail Balance320304A8 00C8
Lip Balance320304AC 00C8
Manual Balance320304B0 00C8
All Stats42030490 00C8
00000009 0004