Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Credit: misfire

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000AF7D 000A
10044688 0007
Have Wolverine32007691 0001
Have Shaun Palmer320076F1 0001
Have Mindy32007751 0001
Unlock Trial Mode3200778D 0001
Always Play Level Codes
Foundry3200136C 0000
Suburbia3200136C 0001
Rio3200136C 0002
Airport3200136C 0003
L.A.3200136C 0004
Tokyo3200136C 0005
The Zone3200136C 0006
Tony Hawk Codes
Max Air32007147 000A
Max Hang Time32007148 000A
Max Ollie32007149 000A
Max Speed3200714A 000A
Max Spin3200714B 000A
Max Switch3200714C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200714D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200714E 000A
Max Manuals3200714F 000A
Infinite State Points32007150 00FF
Steve Caballero Codes
Max Air320071A7 000A
Max Hang Time320071A8 000A
Max Ollie320071A9 000A
Max Speed320071AA 000A
Max Spin320071AB 000A
Max Switch320071AC 000A
Max Rail Balance320071AD 000A
Max Lip Balance320071AE 000A
Max Manuals320071AF 000A
Infinite State Points320071B0 00FF
Kareem Campbell Codes
Max Air32007207 000A
Max Hang Time32007208 000A
Max Ollie32007209 000A
Max Speed3200720A 000A
Max Spin3200720B 000A
Max Switch3200720C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200720D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200720E 000A
Max Manuals3200720F 000A
Infinite State Points32007210 00FF
Rune Glifberg Codes
Max Air32007267 000A
Max Hang Time32007268 000A
Max Ollie32007269 000A
Max Speed3200726A 000A
Max Spin3200726B 000A
Max Switch3200726C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200726D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200726E 000A
Max Manuals3200726F 000A
Infinite State Points32007270 00FF
Eric Koston Codes
Max Air320072C7 000A
Max Hang Time320072C8 000A
Max Ollie320072C9 000A
Max Speed320072CA 000A
Max Spin320072CB 000A
Max Switch320072CC 000A
Max Rail Balance320072CD 000A
Max Lip Balance320072CE 000A
Max Manuals320072CF 000A
Infinite State Points320072D0 00FF
Bucky Lasek Codes
Max Air32007327 000A
Max Hang Time32007328 000A
Max Ollie32007329 000A
Max Speed3200732A 000A
Max Spin3200732B 000A
Max Switch3200732C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200732D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200732E 000A
Max Manuals3200732F 000A
Infinite State Points32007330 00FF
Bam Margera Codes
Max Air32007387 000A
Max Hang Time32007388 000A
Max Ollie32007389 000A
Max Speed3200738A 000A
Max Spin3200738B 000A
Max Switch3200738C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200738D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200738E 000A
Max Manuals3200738F 000A
Infinite State Points32007390 00FF
Rodney Mullen Codes
Max Air320073E7 000A
Max Hang Time320073E8 000A
Max Ollie320073E9 000A
Max Speed320073EA 000A
Max Spin320073EB 000A
Max Switch320073EC 000A
Max Rail Balance320073ED 000A
Max Lip Balance320073EE 000A
Max Manuals320073EF 000A
Infinite State Points320073F0 00FF
Chad Muska Codes
Max Air32007447 000A
Max Hang Time32007448 000A
Max Ollie32007449 000A
Max Speed3200744A 000A
Max Spin3200744B 000A
Max Switch3200744C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200744D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200744E 000A
Max Manuals3200744F 000A
Infinite State Points32007450 00FF
Andrew Reynolds Codes
Max Air320074A7 000A
Max Hang Time320074A8 000A
Max Ollie320074A9 000A
Max Speed320074AA 000A
Max Spin320074AB 000A
Max Switch320074AC 000A
Max Rail Balance320074AD 000A
Max Lip Balance320074AE 000A
Max Manuals320074AF 000A
Infinite State Points320074B0 00FF
Geoff Rowley Codes
Max Air32007507 000A
Max Hang Time32007508 000A
Max Ollie32007509 000A
Max Speed3200750A 000A
Max Spin3200750B 000A
Max Switch3200750C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200750D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200750E 000A
Max Manuals3200750F 000A
Infinite State Points32007510 00FF
Elissa Steamer Codes
Max Air32007567 000A
Max Hang Time32007568 000A
Max Ollie32007569 000A
Max Speed3200756A 000A
Max Spin3200756B 000A
Max Switch3200756C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200756D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200756E 000A
Max Manuals3200756F 000A
Infinite State Points32007570 00FF
Jamie Thomas Codes
Max Air320075C7 000A
Max Hang Time320075C8 000A
Max Ollie320075C9 000A
Max Speed320075CA 000A
Max Spin320075CB 000A
Max Switch320075CC 000A
Max Rail Balance320075CD 000A
Max Lip Balance320075CE 000A
Max Manuals320075CF 000A
Infinite State Points320075D0 00FF
Custom Skater Codes
Max Air32007627 000A
Max Hang Time32007628 000A
Max Ollie32007629 000A
Max Speed3200762A 000A
Max Spin3200762B 000A
Max Switch3200762C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200762D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200762E 000A
Max Manuals3200762F 000A
Infinite State Points32007630 00FF
Wolverine Codes
Max Air32007687 000A
Max Hang Time32007688 000A
Max Ollie32007689 000A
Max Speed3200768A 000A
Max Spin3200768B 000A
Max Switch3200768C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200768D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200768E 000A
Max Manuals3200768F 000A
Infinite State Points32007690 00FF
Shaun Palmer Codes
Max Air320076E7 000A
Max Hang Time320076E8 000A
Max Ollie320076E9 000A
Max Speed320076EA 000A
Max Spin320076EB 000A
Max Switch320076EC 000A
Max Rail Balance320076ED 000A
Max Lip Balance320076EE 000A
Max Manuals320076EF 000A
Infinite State Points320076F0 00FF
Mindy Codes
Max Air32007747 000A
Max Hang Time32007748 000A
Max Ollie32007749 000A
Max Speed3200774A 000A
Max Spin3200774B 000A
Max Switch3200774C 000A
Max Rail Balance3200774D 000A
Max Lip Balance3200774E 000A
Max Manuals3200774F 000A
Infinite State Points32007750 00FF
Always Character Codes
Tony Hawk32001340 0000
Steve Caballero32001340 0001
Kareem Campbell32001340 0002
Rune Glifberg32001340 0003
Eric Koston32001340 0004
Bucky Lasek32001340 0005
Bam Margera32001340 0006
Rodney Mullen32001340 0007
Chad Muska32001340 0008
Andrew Reynolds32001340 0009
Geoff Rowley32001340 000A
Elissa Steamer32001340 000B
Jamie Thomas32001340 000C
Custom Skater32001340 000D
Wolverine32001340 000E
Shaun Palmer32001340 000F
Mindy32001340 0010
Unlock Everything Codes
Tony Hawk4200712C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Steve Caballero4200718C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Kareem Campbell420071EC FFFF
0000000C 0002
Rune Glifberg4200724C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Eric Koston420072AC FFFF
0000000C 0002
Bucky Lasek4200730C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Bam Margera4200736C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Rodney Mullen420073CC FFFF
0000000C 0002
Chad Muska4200742C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Andrew Reynolds4200748C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Geoff Rowley420074EC FFFF
0000000C 0002
Elissa Steamer4200754C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Jamie Thomas420075AC FFFF
0000000C 0002
Custom Skater4200760C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Wolverine4200766C FFFF
0000000C 0002
Shaun Palmer420076CC FFFF
0000000C 0002
Mindy4200772C FFFF
0000000C 0002