Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Credit: Helder, Radical Dreamer, dlong

Enable Code (Must Be On)00003A66 000A
100111A2 0007
Have All Stages Unlocked82002DB8 6DB6
82002DBA 010A
Unlock All Courses (Race Mode & Battle Mode)83003C64 FFFF
83003C66 FFFF
83003C94 FFFF
83003C96 FFFF
Have All Crystals-World 183003BF8 1414
83003BFA 140A
83003BFC 140A
Have All Crystals-World 283003BFE 0A14
83003C00 0A14
83003C02 1414
Have All Crystals-World 383003C04 0A14
83003C06 0A14
83003C08 1414
Have All Crystals-World 483003C0A 0A14
83003C0C 0A14
83003C0E 1414
Have All Crystals-World 583003C10 0A23
83003C12 0A23
83003C14 0005
Infinite Health330007B5 0048
Press Select For Taunt74000130 03FB
33000842 00F0
Always Run3300084A 0000
3300084C 0023
Walk Thru Walls74000130 03DB
E20105A8 FD40
74000130 03EB
E20105A8 0360
Infinite Time33006370 0063
Press Up+Select To Have Weapon & All Cards74000130 03BB
33003CB0 000F
Press Down+Select To Have No Weapon & Shurikens74000130 037B
33003CB0 0002
Press R+Up To Play As Leonardo74000130 02BF
83003CA0 0000
Press R+Left To Play As Raphael74000130 02DF
83003CA0 0001
Press R+Right To Play As Donatello74000130 02EF
83003CA0 0002
Press R+Down To Play As Mickelangelo74000130 027F
83003CA0 0003
Shoot Charged Shots On Vehicles72015490 0001
82015490 0003
82019F10 1500
830009D4 1500
Infinite Health-Vehicle Levels3201544E 0048
32019EE1 0048
Infinite Bombs32019F2C 0003
330009F4 0003
Invincible3201548E 0003
3300090A 0003
83000908 0001