Tactics Ogre-The Knight Of Lodis

Credit: mr_likkatwat, DarkSerge, Absolute Empty, Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00007483 000A
10000AC0 0007
Character Codes
Slots 1-5
Slot 1
Infinite HP82000070 03E7
Max HP82000072 03E7
Infinite MP82000074 03E7
Max82000076 03E7
Max STR82000078 03E7
Max INT8200007A 03E7
Max AGL8200007C 03E7
Slot 2
Infinite HP820000D8 03E7
Max HP820000DA 03E7
Infinite MP820000DC 03E7
Max820000DE 03E7
Max STR820000E0 03E7
Max INT820000E2 03E7
Max AGL820000E4 03E7
Slot 3
Infinite HP82000140 03E7
Max HP82000142 03E7
Infinite MP82000144 03E7
Max82000146 03E7
Max STR82000148 03E7
Max INT8200014A 03E7
Max AGL8200014C 03E7
Slot 4
Infinite HP820001A8 03E7
Max HP820001AA 03E7
Infinite MP820001AC 03E7
Max820001AE 03E7
Max STR820001B0 03E7
Max INT820001B2 03E7
Max AGL820001B4 03E7
Slot 5
Infinite HP82000210 03E7
Max HP82000212 03E7
Infinite MP82000214 03E7
Max82000216 03E7
Max STR82000218 03E7
Max INT8200021A 03E7
Max AGL8200021C 03E7
Slots 6-10
Slot 6
Infinite HP82000278 03E7
Max HP8200027A 03E7
Infinite MP8200027C 03E7
Max8200027E 03E7
Max STR82000280 03E7
Max INT82000282 03E7
Max AGL82000284 03E7
Slot 7
Infinite HP820002E0 03E7
Max HP820002E2 03E7
Infinite MP820002E4 03E7
Max820002E6 03E7
Max STR820002E8 03E7
Max INT820002EA 03E7
Max AGL820002EC 03E7
Slot 8
Infinite HP82000348 03E7
Max HP8200034A 03E7
Infinite MP8200034C 03E7
Max8200034E 03E7
Max STR82000350 03E7
Max INT82000352 03E7
Max AGL82000354 03E7
Slot 9
Infinite HP820003B0 03E7
Max HP820003B2 03E7
Infinite MP820003B4 03E7
Max820003B6 03E7
Max STR820003B8 03E7
Max INT820003BA 03E7
Max AGL820003BC 03E7
Slot 10
Infinite HP82000418 03E7
Max HP8200041A 03E7
Infinite MP8200041C 03E7
Max8200041E 03E7
Max STR82000420 03E7
Max INT82000422 03E7
Max AGL82000424 03E7
Slots 11-15
Slot 11
Infinite HP82000480 03E7
Max HP82000482 03E7
Infinite MP82000484 03E7
Max82000486 03E7
Max STR82000488 03E7
Max INT8200048A 03E7
Max AGL8200048C 03E7
Slot 12
Infinite HP820004F8 03E7
Max HP820004FA 03E7
Infinite MP820004FC 03E7
Max820004FE 03E7
Max STR82000500 03E7
Max INT82000502 03E7
Max AGL82000504 03E7
Slot 13
Infinite HP82000550 03E7
Max HP82000552 03E7
Infinite MP82000554 03E7
Max82000556 03E7
Max STR82000558 03E7
Max INT8200055A 03E7
Max AGL8200055C 03E7
Slot 14
Infinite HP820005B8 03E7
Max HP820005BA 03E7
Infinite MP820005BC 03E7
Max820005BE 03E7
Max STR820005C0 03E7
Max INT820005C2 03E7
Max AGL820005C4 03E7
Slot 15
Infinite HP82000620 03E7
Max HP82000622 03E7
Infinite MP82000624 03E7
Max82000626 03E7
Max STR82000628 03E7
Max INT8200062A 03E7
Max AGL8200062C 03E7
Slots 16-20
Slot 16
Infinite HP82000688 03E7
Max HP8200068A 03E7
Infinite MP8200068C 03E7
Max8200068E 03E7
Max STR82000690 03E7
Max INT82000692 03E7
Max AGL82000694 03E7
Slot 17
Infinite HP820006F0 03E7
Max HP820006F2 03E7
Infinite MP820006F4 03E7
Max820006F6 03E7
Max STR820006F8 03E7
Max INT820006FA 03E7
Max AGL820006FC 03E7
Slot 18
Infinite HP82000758 03E7
Max HP8200075A 03E7
Infinite MP8200075C 03E7
Max8200075E 03E7
Max STR82000760 03E7
Max INT82000762 03E7
Max AGL82000764 03E7
Slot 19
Infinite HP820007C0 03E7
Max HP820007C2 03E7
Infinite MP820007C4 03E7
Max820007C6 03E7
Max STR820007C8 03E7
Max INT820007CA 03E7
Max AGL820007CC 03E7
Slot 20
Infinite HP82000828 03E7
Max HP8200082A 03E7
Infinite MP8200082C 03E7
Max8200082E 03E7
Max STR82000830 03E7
Max INT82000832 03E7
Max AGL82000834 03E7
Slots 21-25
Slot 21
Infinite HP82000890 03E7
Max HP82000892 03E7
Infinite MP82000894 03E7
Max82000896 03E7
Max STR82000898 03E7
Max INT8200089A 03E7
Max AGL8200089C 03E7
Slot 22
Infinite HP820008F8 03E7
Max HP820008FA 03E7
Infinite MP820008FC 03E7
Max820008FE 03E7
Max STR82000900 03E7
Max INT82000902 03E7
Max AGL82000904 03E7
Slot 23
Infinite HP82000960 03E7
Max HP82000962 03E7
Infinite MP82000964 03E7
Max82000966 03E7
Max STR82000968 03E7
Max INT8200096A 03E7
Max AGL8200096C 03E7
Slot 24
Infinite HP820009C8 03E7
Max HP820009CA 03E7
Infinite MP820009CC 03E7
Max820009CE 03E7
Max STR820009D0 03E7
Max INT820009D2 03E7
Max AGL820009D4 03E7
Slot 25
Infinite HP82000A30 03E7
Max HP82000A32 03E7
Infinite MP82000A34 03E7
Max82000A36 03E7
Max STR82000A38 03E7
Max INT82000A3A 03E7
Max AGL82000A3C 03E7
Slots 26-30
Slot 26
Infinite HP82000A98 03E7
Max HP82000A9A 03E7
Infinite MP82000A9C 03E7
Max82000A9E 03E7
Max STR82000AA0 03E7
Max INT82000AA2 03E7
Max AGL82000AA4 03E7
Slot 27
Infinite HP82000B00 03E7
Max HP82000B02 03E7
Infinite MP82000B04 03E7
Max82000B06 03E7
Max STR82000B08 03E7
Max INT82000B0A 03E7
Max AGL82000B0C 03E7
Slot 28
Infinite HP82000B68 03E7
Max HP82000B6A 03E7
Infinite MP82000B6C 03E7
Max82000B6E 03E7
Max STR82000B70 03E7
Max INT82000B72 03E7
Max AGL82000B74 03E7
Slot 29
Infinite HP82000BD0 03E7
Max HP82000BD2 03E7
Infinite MP82000BD4 03E7
Max82000BD6 03E7
Max STR82000BD8 03E7
Max INT82000BDA 03E7
Max AGL82000BDC 03E7
Slot 30
Infinite HP82000C38 03E7
Max HP82000C3A 03E7
Infinite MP82000C3C 03E7
Max82000C3E 03E7
Max STR82000C40 03E7
Max INT82000C42 03E7
Max AGL82000C44 03E7
Slots 31-32
Slot 31
Infinite HP82000CA0 03E7
Max HP82000CA2 03E7
Infinite MP82000CA4 03E7
Max82000CA6 03E7
Max STR82000CA8 03E7
Max INT82000CAA 03E7
Max AGL82000CAC 03E7
Slot 32
Infinite HP82000D08 03E7
Max HP82000D0A 03E7
Infinite MP82000D0C 03E7
Max82000D0E 03E7
Max STR82000D10 03E7
Max INT82000D12 03E7
Max AGL82000D14 03E7
Enemy Codes
Slots 1-15
Slot 1
Always Low HP820017A0 0001
No MP820017A4 0000
Slot 2
Always Low HP82001808 0001
No MP8200180C 0000
Slot 3
Always Low HP82001870 0001
No MP82001874 0000
Slot 4
Always Low HP820018D8 0001
No MP820018DC 0000
Slot 5
Always Low HP82001940 0001
No MP82001944 0000
Slot 6
Always Low HP820019A8 0001
No MP820019AC 0000
Slot 7
Always Low HP82001A10 0001
No MP82001A14 0000
Slot 8
Always Low HP82001A78 0001
No MP82001A7C 0000
Slot 9
Always Low HP82001AE0 0001
No MP82001AE4 0000
Slot 10
Always Low HP82001B48 0001
No MP82001B4C 0000
Slot 11
Always Low HP82001BB0 0001
No MP82001BB4 0000
Slot 12
Always Low HP82001C18 0001
No MP82001C1C 0000
Slot 13
Always Low HP82001C80 0001
No MP82001C84 0000
Slot 14
Always Low HP82001CE8 0001
No MP82001CEC 0000
Slot 15
Always Low HP82001D50 0001
No MP82001D54 0000
Slot 16
Always Low HP82001DB8 0001
No MP82001DBC 0000
Slots 16-32
Slot 17
Always Low HP82001E20 0001
No MP82001E24 0000
Slot 18
Always Low HP82001E88 0001
No MP82001E8C 0000
Slot 19
Always Low HP82001EF0 0001
No MP82001EF4 0000
Slot 20
Always Low HP82001F58 0001
No MP82001F5C 0000
Slot 21
Always Low HP82001FC0 0001
No MP82001FC4 0000
Slot 22
Always Low HP82002028 0001
No MP8200202C 0000
Slot 23
Always Low HP82002090 0001
No MP82002094 0000
Slot 24
Always Low HP820020F8 0001
No MP820020FC 0000
Slot 25
Always Low HP82002160 0001
No MP82002164 0000
Slot 26
Always Low HP820021C8 0001
No MP820021CC 0000
Slot 27
Always Low HP82002230 0001
No MP82002234 0000
Slot 28
Always Low HP82002298 0001
No MP8200229C 0000
Slot 29
Always Low HP82002300 0001
No MP82002304 0000
Slot 30
Always Low HP82002368 0001
No MP8200236C 0000
Slot 31
Always Low HP820023D0 0001
No MP820023D4 0000
Slot 32
Always Low HP82002438 0001
No MP8200243C 0000
Other Codes
Have Armor Codes
Hard Leather82000EEC 635B
Chain Mail82000EF0 635C
Thunder Chain82000EF4 635D
Flame Leather82000EF8 635E
Earth Leather82000EFC 635F
Ice Chain82000F00 6360
Saint's Garb82000F04 6361
Cursed Garment82000F08 6362
Plate Mail82000F0C 6363
Heavy Armor82000F10 6364
Peregrine Mail82000F14 6365
Phoenix Mail82000F18 6366
Nathalork Mail82000F1C 6367
Leviathan Mail82000F20 6368
Rune Plate82000F24 6369
Black Armor82000F28 636A
Southern Cross82000F2C 636B
Dragon Armor82000F30 636C
Grincer Coat82000F34 636D
Candy Armor82000F38 636E
Brigandine82000F3C 636F
Robe82000F40 6370
Spell Robe82000F44 6371
Robe Of The Wise82000F48 6372
Wind Garb82000F4C 6373
Fire Garb82000F50 6374
Earth Garb82000F54 6375
Water Garb82000F58 6376
Cloak Of Oath82000F5C 6377
Robe Of Abyss82000F60 6378
Fur Coat82000F64 6379
Pure White Dress82000F68 637A
Cloak Of Authority82000F6C 637B
Have Misc. Equipment Codes
Have Head Wear Codes
Leather Hat82000F70 637C
Bandanna82000F74 637D
Plumed Headband82000F78 637E
Iron Helm82000F7C 637F
Goblin Helm82000F80 6380
Holy Crown82000F84 6381
Freude Helm82000F88 6382
Dragon Helm82000F8C 6383
Sherwood Hat82000F90 6384
Candy Helm82000F94 6385
Pointy Hat82000F98 6386
Circlet Of Wisdom82000F9C 6387
Have Foot Wear Codes
Winged Shoes82000FA0 6388
Warp Shoes82000FA4 6389
Greasy Boots82000FA8 638A
Snow Boots82000FAC 638B
Forest Boots82000FB0 638C
Have Jewelry Codes
Ring Of Flight82000FB4 638D
Warp Ring82000FB8 638E
Ring Of Flotation82000FBC 638F
Armlet Of Wisdom82000FC0 6390
Armlet Of Agility82000FC4 6391
Wind Ring82000FC8 6392
Firedrake Ring82000FCC 6393
Earth Ring82000FD0 6394
Water Ring82000FD4 6395
Sacred Ring82000FD8 6396
Dark Ring82000FDC 6397
Dragon Eyes82000FE0 6398
Ring Of The Dead82000FE4 6399
Necklace Of Resist82000FE8 639A
Pearl Necklace82000FEC 639B
Amulet82000FF0 639C
Dragon Gem82000FF4 639D
Cassowary Feather82000FF8 639E
Glass Pumpkin82000FFC 639F
Firecrest82001000 63A0
Sacrificial Doll82001004 63A1
Sacred Stone Of Bliss82001008 63A2
Transferring Stone8200100C 63A3
Seraph's Plume82001010 63A4
Have Spell Codes
Wind Codes
Thunderbird82001040 6301
Thunder Flare82001044 6302
Air Blade82001048 6303
Teleport8200104C 6304
Summon Tempest82001050 6305
Harnella's Influence82001054 6306
Haste82001058 6307
Fire Codes
Salamander8200105C 6308
Firestorm82001060 6309
Fireball82001064 630A
Clear Sky82001068 630B
Ray Of Paralysis8200106C 630C
Zoshonel's Influence82001070 630D
Molten Blade82001074 630E
Earth Codes
Gnome82001078 630F
Acid Vapor8200107C 6310
Crag Crush82001080 6311
Petrifying Cloud82001084 6312
Hurdle Wall82001088 6313
Berthe's Influence8200108C 6314
Constrain82001090 6315
Water Codes
Fenrir82001094 6316
Ice Javelin82001098 6317
Ice Field8200109C 6318
Slumber Mist820010A0 6319
Grueza's Influence820010A4 631A
Poison Squall820010A8 631B
Purify820010AC 631C
Virtue Codes
Star Tiara820010B0 631D
Exorcism820010B4 631E
Lightning Bow820010B8 631F
Divine Radiance820010BC 6320
Tranquillize820010C0 6321
Faith820010C4 6322
Clense820010C8 6323
Heal820010CC 6324
Heal Plus820010D0 6325
Full Heal820010D4 6326
Resurrection820010D8 6327
Ignis Fatuus820010DC 6328
Bane Codes
Fiend's Grip820010E0 6329
Nightmare820010E4 632A
Pain820010E8 632B
Brain Sap820010EC 632C
Enfeeble820010F0 632D
Cursed Existence820010F4 632E
Fluid Magic820010F8 632F
Time Flux820010FC 6330
Necromancy82001100 6331
Have Weapon Codes
Short Sword82000DA0 6301
Long Sword82000DA4 6302
Claymore82000DA8 6303
Sum Mannus82000DAC 6304
Firedrake Sword82000DB0 6305
Ice Blade82000DB4 6306
Fafnir82000DB8 6307
Sword Of Tiamat82000DBC 6308
Balmung82000DC0 6309
Notos82000DC4 630A
Laevateinn82000DC8 630B
Gram82000DCC 630C
Oracion82000DD0 630D
Fragarach82000DD4 630E
Anbicion82000DD8 630F
Matsukaze82000DDC 6317
Kagari-Bi82000DE0 6318
Yomogi-U82000DE4 6319
Yu-Giri82000DE8 631A
Rapier82000DEC 631B
Estoc82000DF0 631C
Dragon Gem Sword82000DF4 631D
Inca Rose82000DF8 631E
Peridot Sword82000DFC 631F
Needle Of Light82000E00 6320
Answerer82000E04 6321
Francisca82000E08 6322
Prox82000E0C 6323
Earth Dragon Axe82000E10 6324
Frozen Axe82000E14 6325
Bloody Cleaver82000E18 6326
Boreas82000E1C 6327
Halt Hammer82000E20 6328
Euros82000E24 6329
Flame Flail82000E28 632A
Sanscion82000E2C 632B
Hammer Of Tears82000E30 632C
Mystic Hammer82000E34 632D
Battle Fan82000E38 632E
Caldier82000E3C 632F
Hyacinth Fan82000E40 6330
Gypsy Queen82000E44 6331
Scipplay's Staff82000E48 6332
Wind Wand82000E4C 6333
Fire Wand82000E50 6334
Earth Wand82000E54 6335
Ice Wand82000E58 6336
Ripple's Staff82000E5C 6337
Kerykeion82000E60 6338
Dowsing Rod82000E64 6339
Sugar Cane82000E68 633A
Pike82000E6C 633B
Trident82000E70 633C
Zephyrus82000E74 633D
Volcaetus82000E78 633E
Earth Javelin82000E7C 633F
Osric's Spear82000E80 6340
Longicolnis82000E84 6341
Brionac82000E88 6342
Leather Whip82000E8C 6343
Beast Whip82000E90 6344
Holy Comet82000E94 6345
Rapture Rose82000E98 6346
Short Bow82000E9C 6347
Great Bow82000EA0 6348
Thunder Bow82000EA4 6349
Flame Bow82000EA8 634A
Sandstorm Bow82000EAC 634B
Tundra Bow82000EB0 634C
Crescente82000EB4 634D
Sherwood Bow82000EB8 634E
Bow Gun82000EBC 634F
Composite Bow82000EC0 6350
Tathlum82000EC4 6351
Tower Shield82000EC8 6352
Dragon Shield82000ECC 6353
Thunder Shield82000ED0 6354
Flame Shield82000ED4 6355
Earth Shield82000ED8 6356
Ice Shield82000EDC 6357
Saint's Shield82000EE0 6358
Dark Shield82000EE4 6359
Chocolate Shield82000EE8 635A
In-Battle Codes
Slot 1 Codes
Infinite HP82001460 03E7
Max HP82001462 03E7
Infinite MP82001464 03E7
Max MP82001466 03E7
Max Str.82001468 2AF8
Max Init.8200146A 03E7
Max Agi.8200146C 07D0
Level 5032001472 0032
All Emblems+Classes42000034 FFFF
00000004 0002
Slot 2 Codes
Infinite HP820014C8 03E7
Max HP820014CA 03E7
Infinite MP820014CC 03E7
Max MP820014CE 03E7
Max Str.820014D0 2AF8
Max Init.820014D2 03E7
Max Agi.820014D4 07D0
Level 50320014DA 0032
All Emblems+Classes4200009C FFFF
00000004 0002
Slot 3 Codes
Infinite HP82001530 03E7
Max HP82001532 03E7
Infinite MP82001534 03E7
Max MP82001536 03E7
Max Str.82001538 2AF8
Max Init.8200153A 03E7
Max Agi.8200153C 07D0
Level 5032001542 0032
All Emblems+Classes42000104 FFFF
00000004 0002
Slot 4 Codes
Infinite HP82001598 03E7
Max HP8200159A 03E7
Infinite MP8200159C 03E7
Max MP8200159E 03E7
Max Str.820015A0 2AF8
Max Init.820015A2 03E7
Max Agi.820015A4 07D0
Level 50320015AA 0032
All Emblems+Classes4200016C FFFF
00000004 0002
Slot 5 Codes
Infinite HP82001600 03E7
Max HP82001602 03E7
Infinite MP82001604 03E7
Max MP82001606 03E7
Max Str.82001608 2AF8
Max Init.8200160A 03E7
Max Agi.8200160C 07D0
Level 5032001612 0032
All Emblems+Classes420001D4 FFFF
00000004 0002
Slot 6 Codes
Infinite HP82001668 03E7
Max HP8200166A 03E7
Infinite MP8200166C 03E7
Max MP8200166E 03E7
Max Str.82001670 2AF8
Max Init.82001672 03E7
Max Agi.82001674 07D0
Level 503200167A 0032
All Emblems+Classes4200023C FFFF
00000004 0002
Slot 7 Codes
Infinite HP820016D0 03E7
Max HP820016D2 03E7
Infinite MP820016D4 03E7
Max MP820016D6 03E7
Max Str.820016D8 2AF8
Max Init.820016DA 03E7
Max Agi.820016DC 07D0
Level 50320016E2 0032
All Emblems+Classes420002A4 FFFF
00000004 0002
Slot 8 Codes
Infinite HP82001738 03E7
Max HP8200173A 03E7
Infinite MP8200173C 03E7
Max MP8200173E 03E7
Max Str.82001740 2AF8
Max Init.82001742 03E7
Max Agi.82001744 07D0
Level 503200174A 0032
All Emblems+Classes4200030C FFFF
00000004 0002
Item Modifier Codes
Slot 182001118 ????
Slot 28200111C ????
Slot 382001120 ????
Slot 482001124 ????
Slot 582001128 ????
Slot 68200112C ????
Slot 782001130 ????
Slot 882001134 ????
Misc. Codes
Infinite Goth82001184 FFFF
Max Goth82001184 E0FF
82001186 05F5
Gain 1 Level After Each Turn (All Characters, Including Enemies)3202B2CA 0064
Press Select To Restore Turns (For Your Party Only)74000130 03FB
42001AAC 0000
00000008 001C
Control All Units (In-Battle)3200122D 0000
250 Exp3202B2CA 00FA
Press Start For Weak Enemy Leader74000130 03F7
820017A0 0002
Press Select To Convert Some Enemies74000130 03FB
82001A2C 012C
74000130 03FB
820018F4 012D
74000130 03FB
820019C4 012E
74000130 03FB
8200195C 0130
74000130 03FB
8200188C 0132
74000130 03FB
82001824 0139
Save Time = 0:003200118D 0000
8200118E 0000
Job Hire Modifier32007AE8 00??
Main Character Codes
Infinite HP82001460 03E7
Max HP82001462 03E7
Infinite MP82001464 03E7
Max MP82001466 03E7
Max STR82001468 2AF8
Max INIT8200146A 03E7
Max AGL (11 Steps)8200146C 07D0
Level 5082001472 03E7
Have All Classes With Completion Medal82000034 FFFF
82000036 FFFF
Have All Emblems82000038 FFFF
8200003A FFFF