Super Monkey Ball JR. (European)

Credit: Shimer

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)00005520 000A
100385E0 0007
Stop Timer33001A20 0005
Infinite Lives32002ADC 0004
Speed-up Fall Out Scene72002AE0 0058
32002AE0 0000
Speed-up Ready Scene72002AE0 0030
32002AE0 0010
Press Select To Skip Stage74000130 03FB
33001C94 0001
Max Play Points82002C4C E0FF
82002C4E 05F5
Infinite Continues32002C58 00FF
Unlock Monkey Fight32002C51 0001
Unlock Monkey Bowling32002C52 0001
Unlock Monkey Golf32002C53 0001
Unlock Golf Course B32002C55 0001
Unlock Master Stages32002C56 0001
Unlock Credits32002C57 0001
Mini Game Codes
Monkey Fight Codes
Have Really Big Glove73003FFC FF00
3300405C 0002
Have Long Reach73003FFC FF00
33004064 0060
Have Vortex73003FFC FF00
3300406D 0001