Super Mario Advance

Credit: Code Master, DarkSerge, XAnimal, Arukas, Unknown

Enable Code (Must Be On)000042E1 000A
10001306 0007
Super Mario Bros. 2 Codes
Infinite Lives33001161 0009
Infinite Energy33001C76 00FF
Max Hearts33001C77 0007
Max Score8300114C E0FF
8300114E 05F5
Have 100% Ace Coins43001150 FFFF
00000007 0002
Invincible73001C7C 1000
83001C7C 3000
Always Able To Do Super Jumps83001C7E 3C00
Always Have Star Power33001C88 0019
Infinite Hover (Princess Peach)33001C7E 001A
Press & Hold Select To Freeze Enemies74000130 03FB
33001CAC 00FF
Multiple Jumps33001C71 0000
Walk Thru Anything33001C89 0000
World Modifier33001160 00??
Always Luigi33001C70 0003
Always Mario33001C70 0000
Always Princess33001C70 0001
Always Toad33001C70 0002
Mario Bros. Codes
Infinite Credits33001E34 0004
Infinite Lives33001E35 0009
Max Score83001E10 423F
83001E12 000F
One Enemy To Kill33001DEE 0000