Super Duper Sumos

Credit: DarkSerge, Helder

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000D342 000A
100AF854 0007
Infinite Health33004340 0014
Infinite Lives33004C30 0009
Infinite Continues33004318 0009
Max Power Bar33004E28 000C
Invinsible3300434C 001B
Quick Score Gain83004288 FFFF
Max Score83004288 967F
8300428A 0098
Have All Levels Unlocked8200022C 0FFF
Press Down+L For Lv 1 Attack74000130 017F
83004E28 0004
Press Up+L For Lv2 Attack74000130 01BF
83004E28 000C
Weak Enemies/Bosses420007C8 0001
00000007 0004
Press Select To Refill Bonus Timer74000130 03FB
83004C84 0020
Move Faster (Good For Bonus Levels)43004338 0500
00000002 0004
Have All Moves Learned32000228 007B