Summon Night (Japanese)

Credit: Helder

Enable Code (Must Be On)00003313 000A
100696D0 0007
Infinite Money8200000C FFFF
Max Money8200000C 967F
8200000E 0098
Have All Items42002242 6262
00000044 0002
Max Stats4200201C 03E7
0000000C 0002
Have All Weapons42002188 6200
0000005C 0002
Max Materials420022F6 03E7
00000006 0002
Max Exp-Main Character82002034 967F
82002036 0098
Max Exp-2nd Character82002108 967F
8200210A 0098
Infinite HP82002012 270F
Max HP82002010 270F
Infinite HP (In-Battle)83000714 270F