Star Wars Trilogy-Apprentice Of The Force (European)

Credit: Helder, Diontae16

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000216B 000A
100A45EC 0007
Infinite Health Player & Ship 2330477EA 005A
Max Health Bar330477E9 005A
Infinite Health Ship33004433 0064
Infinite R2-D2's On Ship33004432 0003
330477E1 0003
Infinite Boost For Ship33004431 0064
Pres Select For Low Boss Energy74000130 03FB
330077EB 0001
Infinite Force Bar330477A5 000F
Have All Force Powers/Saber/Invincible830477DE FFFF
Infinite Ammo330477E5 000A
Infinite Health (R2-D2)330477E6 0030
Weapon Modifier330477E6 00??