SpongeBob SquarePants-Battle For Bikini Bottom

Credit: Helder

Enable Code (Must Be On)00003E8C 000A
10011272 0007
Have All Hamburgers Found32003C10 0014
Have All Spatulas Found32003C18 0003
Infinite Health32003C0C 0003
Infinite Lives32003C08 0063
Press L To Have Keys74000130 01FF
32003C35 0001
74000130 01FF
32003C36 0001
Have All Photos (In Album)82003BFC FFFF
Infinite Water Timer72003C30 0001
82003C30 003C
Always Play Chapter Modifier (00-03)32003BC8 00??
Always Play Level Modifier (00-06, 07-08 Bonus Levels)32003BE0 00??