Sonic Pinball Party

Credit: Helder, StalkerX, Sappharad

Enable Code (Must Be On)00006931 000A
100008E6 0007
Quick Score83002988 FFFF
Max Score83002988 C9FF
8300298A 3B9A
Infinite Tries (Chao Mini-Game)330019B6 0000
Infinite Rings (Chao Mini-Game)83001970 6363
Infinite Rings (Chao Garden)83006194 2710
Max Levels Chao43001568 0063
00000005 0008
Ball Always Saved82035740 0017
Press Select To Reset Time In Timed Events74000130 03FB
82034F8C 00C8
Sonic Chaos Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)00006931 000A
1001D17A 0007
Buying Items Doesn't Subtract Rings82007AAC 3000
82007D4E 3000
1 Ring Worth 50 (Mini-Game 1)8200F296 3032