Sonic Advance

Credit: DarkSerge, XAnimal, Parasyte, Freeza, Sappharad

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000FFE5 000A
1000122A 0007
Get Best Time For The End Of A Zone83005034 0001
Infinite Rings83004FEC 03E7
Infinite Lives33005024 000A
Quick Score Gain83005030 FFFF
Max Score83005030 967F
83005032 0098
Max Rings (Special Stage)33005078 00FF
Have All Chaos Emeralds3300517C 007F
Normal Shield Effects33005A46 0001
Lightning Shield Effects33005A56 0008
Play As Sonic33005084 0000
Play As Tails33005084 0001
Play As Knuckles33005084 0002
Play As Amy33005084 0003
Play Level Codes
Neo Green Hill Zone Act 13300514C 0000
Neo Green Hill Zone Act 23300514C 0001
Secret Base Zone Act 13300514C 0002
Secret Basel Zone Act 23300514C 0003
Casino Paradise Zone Act 13300514C 0004
Casino Paradise Zone Act 23300514C 0005
Ice Mountain Zone Act 13300514C 0006
Ice Mountain Zone Act 23300514C 0007
Angel Island Zone Act 13300514C 0008
Angel Island Zone Act 23300514C 0009
Egg Rocket Zone Act 13300514C 000A
Cosmic Angel Zone Act 23300514C 000B
X-Zone3300514C 000C
The Moon Zone3300514C 000D
Forest Chao Garden3300514C 000E
Factory Chao Garden3300514C 000F
Pinball Chao Garden3300514C 0010
Space Chao Garden3300514C 0011
Invincibility33005A3C 0010
Infinite Air33005A7A 000C
Infinite Rings (Chao Mode)830046B4 270F
Sonic Chaos Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)0000FFE5 000A
1000E086 0007
Infinite Rings820002F8 207F
820002FA 0200
820002FC 6008
820002FE 1C08
82000300 E015
82006626 3000
Quick Stat Level Up820044A6 2063