Sonic Advance 3

Credit: Helder, Radical Dreamer

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000E830 000A
100B9B14 0007
Invincible (Only When Moving)A30015DC 0000
8300160C 000F
Always Have Speed ShoesA30015DC 0000
8300161C 000F
Infinite Rings8300094C 03E7
Infinite Lives33000954 0009
Infinite/Low Time8300094E 0200
Hold Select To Pass Through Certain ObjectsD0000020 0004
330015C7 0003
Press L For Reverse Gravity/Press R For Normal Gravity730015DE 0200
830015C6 0001
730015DE 0100
830015C6 0000
B Button Power Modifier330015CC 00??
Jump Power Modifier330015CD 00??
1st Character Modifier330015E8 00??
2nd Character Modifier33001734 00??
Tails Never Gets Tired When Flying33001708 00D5
730018D4 000A
830018D4 00D5
Cream Never Gets Tired When Flying33001704 00D5
Enable All Characters33000540 001F
All Levels Open83000558 7F09
Have All Chaos Emeralds83000562 FFFF
Have All 9 Keys43000552 0909
00000004 0002
Unlock Special Stage Mode83004120 000B
Always Get A Chaos Emerald43004866 0000
00000007 08EC
Have All Choas Found43000544 03FF
00000007 0002
Have All Chaos Emeralds83000562 047F
Mega JumpD0000020 0001
830015DA FB00