Sims, The-Bustin' Out

Credit: DarkSerge

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000D897 000A
1001F266 0007
Infinite Money83003954 FFFF
Max Money83003954 967F
83003946 0098
Max Populatity83003982 7FF8
Hunger Meter Never Goes Down33003A03 0063
Shower Meter Never Goes Down33003A07 0063
Bed Meter Never Goes Down33003A0B 0063
Relationship Meter Never Goes Down33003A0F 0063
Rest Meter Never Goes Down33003A13 0063
Bathroom Meter Never Goes Down33003A17 0063
TV Meter Never Goes Down33003A1B 0063
House Meter Never Goes Down33003A1F 0063
Max Aluminum Cans33003A30 0063
Max Old Glass Jars33003A31 0063
Max Mechanical Cogs33003A32 0063
Max Nuclear Fuel Rods33003A33 0063
Max 3-Eeared Mice33003A34 0063
Max Attributes Codes
Neat3300397A 000A
Outgoing3300397B 000A
Active3300397C 000A
Playful3300397D 000A
Nice3300397E 000A
Max Skills Codes
Cooking330039EB 000A
Mechanical330039EF 000A
Creativity330039F3 000A
Body330039F7 000A
Logic330039FB 000A
Charisma330039FF 000A
Max Affection (All Charaters)43003988 6400
00000018 0004
Press R To Speed Up Game Timer74000130 02FF
E300395C 0010
All Needs Never Go Down43003A02 6300
00000008 0004
Max Items43003A30 6363
00000003 0002
Max All Skills430039EA 0A00
00000006 0004
Max All Attributes4300397A 0A0A
00000006 0002