Sea Trader-The Rise Of Taipan

Credit: Shimer

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)0000D73C 000A
10011AB8 0007
999 Million (In Account)8200F0B0 C9FF
8200F0B2 3B9A
999 Million Taels82002658 C9FF
8200265A 3B9A
All Awards320001D0 00FF
All Charts4200F0BC 0101
00000003 0002
Max Reputation32002678 005F
Max Cargo Capacity8200249C 270F
0% Damage Taken820028A0 012C
100% Damage Given82001098 0000
Never Miss Target82001084 0000
Upgrade Ship Codes
Typhoon Class-Sail32002874 0005
Tsunami Class-Cannon32002878 0005
Salty Dogs-Crew Training3200287C 0005
Iron Clad-Armor32002880 0005
Leviathan Class-Cargo Hold32002884 0005