SD Gundam Force

Credit: Helder, Shatten

Enable Code (Must Be On)00007C94 000A
1000064E 0007
Max Spirit LV32020848 0064
Infinite Lives32020842 0064
Max Special Bar32020844 0064
Max Enemies Killed Score82020832 270F
Max Combo Score82020830 270F
Quick Score Gain8202082C FFFF
Max Combo Multiplier830043EC 270F
Play As Space Gundam730000B8 0000
830000B8 0006
Personal Data Codes
Low Game Time Stats42020A1C 00FF
00000005 0004
Max Score Stats42020A30 FFFF
0000000A 0002
Max Combo Stats42020A44 03E7
00000005 0002
Max Enemies Defeated Stats42020A4E FFFF
00000005 0002
Have All Smilie Faces Found & Almost All Secret Options42020A58 FFFF
00000004 0002
Max Combo Attack Score82020AB8 03E7
Max Speed Attack Score82020ABE 000F
Max Survival Attack Score82020AC2 F000
Max Boss Attack Score32020AC4 0063
Open Episode Select82020A84 FFFF