Scorpion King-Sword Of Osiris, The

Credit: misfire, Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)00005CF3 000A
1000BF9A 0007
Have All Runes (Inventory)330000EC 00FF
Invincible83000140 009D
Have Fireball Ability (Scorpion King)33000108 0001
Always Sword Equipped (Scorpion King)3300014C 0000
Always Hooks Equipped (Scoprion King)3300014C 0001
Burning Weapons (Scorpion King)33000234 0001
Max Scorpions33000258 0063
Infinite Lives33000288 0063
Have Sword Of Osiris (Scorpion King)33000290 0001
Have Flames33000294 0001
Skip Logos73001DC8 0029
33001DC8 002C
Debug Menu (Choose Continue At Title Screen Menu)73001DC8 0025
33001DC8 002D
Infinite Health3300327D 0008
Press Select For Moon JumpD0000020 0004
830032BA FFFC