Scooby Doo-The Motion Picture

Credit: Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00009372 000A
10008A56 0007
Scooby/Shaggy Infinite Health8201FAC0 4040
Velma/Fred Infinite Health8201FAC2 4040
Shaggy Stamina/Daphne Infinite Health8201FAC4 4040
Fred/Daphne Stamina8201FAC8 4040
Velma Stamina8201F9E8 0040
Have 100 Tokens8201FAD4 0064
Have Mojo Balls8201FAE2 0A02
Infinite Time On Chests/Mini Games82001804 0040
Infinite Tries On Musical Mayhem (Timer Must Be On)82001074 0000