Sabre Wulf

Credit: Helder

Enable Code (Must Be On)000095E2 000A
1000077A 0007
Max Gold Coins830002A4 270F
Max Gold8300029E 270F
Max Silver830002A0 270F
Max Bronze830002A2 270F
Have Complete Sabre Wulf Madalion330002C3 00FF
Have All Equipment & Infinite Armor330002C2 00FF
Have All Creatures430002B8 FFFF
00000005 0002
Unlock Orchids Menu330002CA 0001
Unlock Photographs330002CB 0001
Have All Photographs & Orchids330002CD 00FF
830002CE FFFF
Have All Items430002B2 FFFF
00000003 0002
430002C4 FFFF
00000003 0002
230002CA F0F0
330002CC 00FF
Game Stats Complete & All Levels Unlocked430002AA FFFF
00000004 0002
Low Game Time83000298 0000