Rockman & Forte (Japanese)

Credit: Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00008418 000A
10006840 0007
Infinite Health33004F8C 001C
Infinite Lives3201630C 0009
Infinite Bolts8201632E 03E7
Quick Gun Charge33004FE5 0001
Survive Spikes33004F8D 0001
33004F8E 0000
Press A For Moon JumpD0000020 0001
33004F6E 00B4
Have All Items32016325 00FF
32016327 00FF
Have All CD's42027DA0 FFFF
00000007 0002
Have Weapon Codes
S.Drill32016310 00FF
L.Bolt32016312 00FF
R.Mine32016314 00FF
W.Burner32016316 00FF
M.Card32016318 00FF
I.Wall3201631A 00FF
T.Blade3201631C 00FF
C.Vision3201631E 00FF
R.Search32016320 00FF
Beat32016322 00FF
Eddie32016324 00FF