Rayman 3-Hoodlum Havoc

Credit: Shimer

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)00002241 000A
100B1424 0007
Infinite Lives3203FFF6 0063
Infinite Power8203FF66 019A
Have All Abilities3203FF61 00FF
Have All Lums+Cages Collected4203FF70 0000
00000042 0002
Have All Levels Open3203FFF5 00FF
3203FFF7 00FF
3203FFF8 00FF
Infinite Health Codes
Forgotten Forests Codes
Wanderwood Forest73003DC0 B18C
33003DBE 0005
Shining Glade73003DF8 B18C
33003DF6 0005
73003DCC B18C
33003DCA 0005
Mega Havoc 173003E28 B18C
33003E26 0005
Swamp Of Begoniax73003D60 7F18
33003D5E 0005
Garish Gears73003BF8 B18C
33003BF6 0005
Hoodlum Hideout73003E30 B18C
33003E2E 0005
73003EC0 B18C
33003EBE 0005
Haunted Dreams Codes
Magma Mayhem73003BDC 94D4
33003BDA 0005
Vertigo Wastes73003D80 B18C
33003D7E 0005
73003D38 B18C
33003D36 0005
Void Of Bones73003F68 B18C
33003F66 0005
73003EA4 B18C
33003EA2 0005
Jano's Nest73003C44 B18C
33003C42 0005
Prickly Passage73003D30 B18C
33003D2E 0005
73003D3C B18C
33003D3A 0005
Swamp Of Begoniax 273003E00 7F18
33003DFE 0005
Magmacosm Codes
River Of Fire73003D60 B18C
33003D5E 0005
73003DB4 B18C
33003DB2 0005
The Underlands73003F8C B18C
33003F8A 0005
73003EBC B18C
33003EBA 0005
Boulder Brink73003DD8 B18C
33003DD6 0005
73003E5C B18C
33003E5A 0005
Den Of Rocky73003BC4 B18C
33003BC2 0005
Wretched Ruins73003E00 B18C
33003DFE 0005
73003EAC B18C
33003EAA 0005
Wicked Flow73003E5C B18C
33003E5A 0005
73003DF4 B18C
33003DF2 0005
Mega Havoc 273003E24 B18C
33003E22 0005
Pirate Stronghold Codes
Creeping Chaos73003DC8 B18C
33003DC6 0005
73003DB0 B18C
33003DAE 0005
Scaleman's Keep73003BCC B18C
33003BCA 0005
The Mettleworks73003EEC B18C
33003EEA 0005
73003E78 B18C
33003E76 0005
Magma Mayhem 273003C50 94D4
33003C4E 0005
Mega Havoc 473003E70 B18C
33003E6E 0005
Razor Slide73003E28 B18C
33003E26 0005
73003DF8 B18C
33003DF8 0005
Heart Of The Ancients73003BE8 B18C
33003BE6 0005