Mortal Kombat-Tournament Edition

Credit: StalkerX, Helder

Enable Code (Must Be On)00000000 0002
10083794 0007
Infinite Time83000E60 0064
Infinite Health P133000790 006F
No Health P133000790 0000
Infinite Health P2330007A5 006F
No Health P2330007A5 0000
Wins Modifier P133000FF4 00??
Wins Modifier P233000FF5 00??
Infinite Sapphire Coins830022D0 FFFF
Infinite Gold Coins830022D4 FFFF
Press L+R For Full Test Your Might Bar74000130 00FF
43007D84 3200
00000002 0028
Unlock Everything (Except The Endings)43002376 FFFF
0000002A 0002
Have All Endings830022CC FFFF
830022CE FFFF