Monster Rancher Advance 2

Credit: Shimer

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)0000A228 000A
101C7064 0007
Infinite Health7200D580 0001
8200CA32 03E7
Infinite Funds82002B48 E0FF
82002B4A 05F5
Infinite Energy720015D4 0005
820015F4 03E7
Infinite Guts3200CA4C 0063
Opp. Has No Guts3200CD1C 0000
Press Select+Up To Restart Timer74000130 03BB
8200C9F8 0720
Quick Rest7201F82C 003C
3201F828 003C
Fame = 10032006E05 0064
No Stress82006DE2 0000
Always Energetic82006DE6 0000
Always Succeed In Training7200DFC6 0000
3200DFD9 0001
All Items42006C80 6363
00000026 0002
All Skills82006DCC FFFF
All Monsters Available (Regen)7201DFBC E628
3200DFE5 0001
All Training Assigned To Modifier Codes
1st Coach8200731C FFFF
82007390 0000
2nd Coach82007390 FFFF
8200731C 0000
Max Stats Codes
POW.82006DB0 03E7
INT.82006DB2 03E7
ACC.82006DB4 03E7
SPD.82006DB6 03E7
DEF.82006DB8 03E7
LIF.82006DBA 03E7
All Stats42006DB0 03E7
00000006 0002
Monster Regenerator Modifier7201DFBC E628
8200DFD0 ????
Trait Modifier Codes
Slot 132006E40 00??
Slot 232006E41 00??
Slot 332006E42 00??
Slot 432006E43 00??
Slot 532006E44 00??
Slot 632006E45 00??