Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits

Credit: KingEdgar0

Enable Code (Must Be On)00008F3F 000A
1000A9C8 0007
Joust Codes
Quick Score Gain83004314 FFFF
Max Score83004314 967F
83004316 0098
Infinite Lives330043B4 0006
Sinistar Codes
Quick Score Gain83004808 FFFF
Max Score83004808 967F
8300480A 0098
Infinite Lives3300480D 0006
Infinite Sinibombs3300480C 0014
Press Select To Have Pieces Modifier74000130 03FB
330044AC 00??
Defender Codes
Infinite Bombs33004089 0003
Infinite Lives3300408A 0006
Quick Score Gain8300407C FFFF
Max Score8300407C 423F
8300407E 000F
Auto-Pilot Right33003F39 0002
Start On Wave Modifier (01-FF)33004080 0000
33004080 00??
Robotron Codes (Part 1)
Infinite Lives330048F0 0006
Quick Score Gain830048EC FFFF
Max Score830048EC 967F
830048EE 0098
Start On Wave Modifier (01-FF)730048EA 0000
330048EA 00??