Metroid Zero Mission (European)

Credit: DarkSerge, Helder, Radical Dreamer

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000DFAD 000A
100009C0 0007
Have Weapon Codes
Long Beam2300153C 0101
Ice Beam2300153C 0202
Wave Beam2300153C 0404
Unknown Weapon (Plasma)2300153C 0808
Charge Beam2300153C 1010
Bombs/Power Bombs2300153C 8080
All Weapons & Bombs8300153C 9F9F
Have Suits & Misc Items Codes
Enable Unknown Items & Gravity Suit83001542 0001
Play As Samus With No Suit83001542 0002
Morph Ball2300153E 4040
Hi Jump Boots2300153E 0101
Speed Booster2300153E 0202
Unknown Misc Item (Space Jump)2300153E 0404
Screw Attack2300153E 0808
Power Grip2300153E 8080
Varia Suit2300153E 1010
Unknown Suit (Gravity Suit)2300153E 2020
All Suits & Misc Items8300153E FFFF
Max Health83001530 0513
Infinite Health83001536 0513
Max Missiles83001532 03E7
Infinite Missiles83001538 03E7
Max Super Missiles33001534 00C7
Infinite Super Missiles3300153A 00C7
Max Power Bombs33001535 0063
Infinite Power Bombs3300153B 0063
Walk Thru Walls74000130 02EF
E30013E6 001E
74000130 01DF
E30013E6 FFE2
Press Up+A To Jump Thru Ceilings74000130 03BE
E30013E8 FFE2
Fall Thru Floors74000130 007F
E30013E8 001E
Mega Jump74000130 03FE
E30013EC 0009
Super Dash Sooner730013DE 0001
830013DE 00A0
Super Dash Always Charged330013DC 0077
Always Shot Modifier Codes
Always Shoot Charged Shots73000A30 8448
83000A30 8490
73000A30 8478
83000A30 84C0
73000A30 8460
83000A30 84A8
73000A3A 0102
83000A3A 0702
Shoot Missiles Instead Of Regular Shots83000A3A 0C02
Shoot Super Missiles Instead Of Regular Shots83000A3A 0D02
Shoot Power Bombs Instead Of Regular Shots83000A3A 0F02
Translate Most Of Game To Japanese!33000C4F 0001
Unlock Hard Mode & Time Attack83000C4C FFFF
33000C4E 0001
83000C50 0101
Press Select For Room Modifier (In Tubes)74000130 03FB
33000056 00??
Press Select For Area Modifier (In Tubes)74000130 03FB
33000054 00??
Stop Annoying Beeping When Life Is Low33001541 0000
Have All Scanned Maps33001540 00FF
Unlock Gallery83000014 0001
Unlock Fusion Gallery83000016 0001
Unlock Original Metroid+Sound Test83000018 0004
Shoot Charged Pistol Shots73001542 0002
83000A3A 0B02
Time To Escape8300095E 0000
Unlock Time & Item Status (Map Screen)33000024 0001
100% Completion Rate3300175D 0064
Always Get Best Ending3300175C 0063
No Alarm Stealth Mission830056EC 0000
830001A8 0000
Most Enemies Dont Attack Or Move (Press Select)74000130 03FB
430001A4 00FF
00000007 0038
Invincible830013DA 0001
0 Game Time83000150 0000
83000152 0000
Music Modifier73001D1C 00??
83001D20 0100
83001D22 00??
Original Metroid Codes
Infinite Health83007306 6999
Max Health3203C877 0006
Max Missiles3203C879 00FF
Infinite Missiles3203C879 00FF
Press A For Moon Jump74000130 03FE
83007508 00FC
Have All Upgrades (Freeze Gun, Screw Attack, Etc.)3203C878 00FF
Infinite Escape Time8300730A 9999
Reset Game Timer3203C87D 0000
8203C87E 0000
Play Without Suit3203C9B3 0001