Metroid Fusion

Credit: likk, radical dreamer, TheWhyzeman, Helder, DarkKnightDante, StalkerX

Enable Code (Must Be On)00000F6D 000A
100008B4 0007
Low Completion Time83000138 0100
Stop Event Timer830008D8 00DA
Invincible33001249 0001
Fast Shot/No Pause Between Shots3300124E 0000
Always Run At Super Speed83001252 A001
Super Dash Much Sooner33001253 009D
Super Dash Always Charged330012DC 005F
Moon Jump74000130 03FE
83001260 0040
Ininite Health83001310 0833
Max Health83001312 0833
Infinite Missiles83001314 03E7
Max Missiles83001316 03E7
Infinite Super Bombs33001318 0063
Max Super Bombs33001319 0063
Turn Off All Missiles/Bombs3300131B 0000
Have All Weapons/Suits/Abilities4300131A FFFF
00000003 0002
100% Item Finding Rate3300151E 0064
Time Always 00:00820382E4 0000
Have The Final Suit With No Side Effects83004D2C 02FF
83004D2E 01BE
83004D30 00D3
83004D36 020F
83004D40 0108
83004D44 31E8
83004D46 28A6
Have Doors Open Codes
Level 43300131D 0004
Level 33300131D 0003
Level 23300131D 0002
Level 13300131D 0001
Level 03300131D 0000
Have Weapon Codes
Turn Off All3300131A 0000
Charge2300131A 0001
Wide2300131A 0002
Plasma2300131A 0004
Wave2300131A 0008
Ice2300131A 0010
Have Misc/Suits Codes
Turn Off All8300131C 0000
High Jump2300131C 0001
Speed Booster2300131C 0002
Space Jump2300131C 0004
Screw Attack2300131C 0008
Varia Suit2300131C 0010
Gravity Suit2300131C 0020
Morph Ball2300131C 0040