Megaman Zero 3

Credit: Helder, Mastersord, radical dreamer, Merlock Magus, Gator Shark

Enable Code (Must Be On)00009299 000A
10003160 0007
Unlock Bonus Mini-Game Menu8200244A 443E
Enable All Minigames!8200244A 443E
8200244C 504A
8200244E 5C56
32002450 0061
No Misses (Ciel Mini-Game)32031CB3 0000
Press L+R To Refill Timer (Leviathon Mini-Game)74000130 00FF
82031C8C 0708
Infinite Lives (Phantom Mini-Game)72031D40 0203
82031D40 0303
Infinite Lives (Zero, Copy X & Harpuia Mini-Games)72031C78 0002
82031C78 0003
Unlock EXE Enemies In Cyberspace!82002470 FFFF
Infinite Lives (Mini-Game 1)32031C78 0004
No Misses (Mini-Game 2)32031CB3 0000
Infinite Double Jumps320380BA 0000
Low Game Time820372BC 0000
S Rank320372B1 0006
Infinite Lives320372B0 0009
Invincible32038034 0002
Infinite Health32038044 0020
Have Double Health Bar32037045 0001
Infinite Crystals8203805A 270F
Infinite Dash320380B0 00FF
Have Reserve Tanks8203805C 2020
8203805E 2020
Have All Weapons3203806A 000F
Have All Armor Upgrades3203806B 00FF
8203806C FFFF
Have All EX Parts82038068 FFFF
Have All Chips420371B8 FFFF
00000017 0002
Have All HP Upgrades42037218 0F0F
00000004 0002
Spike Protection Upgrade82037232 0F0F
Have All Cyber Elves Used42037218 0F0F
00000025 0002
Quick Weapon Charge7203807C 0606
8203807C C8C8
Have All Elves & Fully Grown42037218 0505
00000025 0002
Jump Thru Ceilings74000130 03FE
E2037FF8 FCB0
Hold L+A For Moon Jump72001EB0 FE01
32037FAE 0000
Infinite Time In Timed Events82030324 0690
1-Kill Needed To Pass Timed Event72030328 0000
82030328 0018
Press Select To Drain Boss' Energy74000130 03FB
8203BE44 0001
74000130 03FB
8203BD60 0001
Jump To Last Stage82030104 FFAF
Dialogue Border Modifier32002534 00??
Ciel's Computer Upgrade Modifier32002538 00??
Insane Full Base Makeover!42002426 FFFF
00000025 0002
Boss Has Triple Health (Press Select+Start)74000130 03F3
3203BE44 0060
74000130 03F3
3203BD60 0060
255 Enemies Killed, Scores An Extra 15 Points3203016E 00FF
Zero Damage Taken, Scores Another Extra 15 Points3203016E 0000