Medal Of Honor-Infiltrator (European)

Credit: Colorhaze

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000E242 000A
101EC636 0007
Infinite Lives32003C38 0009
Infinite Health (Top Down Stages)32011CA4 0063
Infinite Health (Side Scrolling Stages)3200A7C5 0063
Infinite Ammo Primary Weapon32011EE1 0063
Infinite Max Ammo Primary Weapon32011EE2 0063
Infinite Ammo Secondary Weapon32011EE5 0063
Infinite Max Ammo Secondary Weapon32011EE6 0063
Primary Weapon Equiped Modifier32011EE0 00??
Press R Trigger+B For Grenades As Secondary74000130 02FD
32011EE4 0004
Press L Trigger+B For TNT As Secondary74000130 01FD
32011EE4 0007