Maya The Bee (European)

Credit: misfire

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)00004ACD 000A
1001AD24 0007
Infinite Lives33001988 0063
Infinite Health3300198A 0002
Infinite Grains Of Pollen3300198E 0003
Infinite Tries In Bonus Game33000048 0009
Max Secret Rooms Discovered83001986 03E7
Max Honey Pots/Bits Of Cheese/Ladybugs/Superflowers Collected83001990 03E7
Max Blossoms Collected8300198C 0999
83001998 03E7
Low Clear Time83001B4C 0000
83001B4E 0000
Press A Button For FlyingD0000020 0001
83001B48 FE00
D0000020 0001
83001B4A FFFF
Level Select Activated (Options)33001184 0001