Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Credit: Cypherswipe, Helder, Likk, Radical Dreamer, Mastersord

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000186A 000A
10017FC6 0007
Infinite Coins820048E0 270F
Quick Level Up (In-Battle)83003F62 FFFF
Hold Select For Stat Bonus Always +974000130 03FB
33003F82 0009
Press R+A For 9 Spirits (HooHoo Mountain)74000130 02FE
32004EFC 0009
Infinite Lives In Jump Rope Game8300686A 0000
830068EA 0000
Have All Weapons/Abilities82004338 FFFF
Have Map2200433C 0032
Have All Items420048E2 6363
0000000D 0002
Have All Beans82004902 6363
82004904 6363
Have All Key Items4200490A FFFF
00000004 0002
Have Badge Codes
Enable All Badge Slots2200433C 0003
42004912 6363
0000002B 0001
Bean Badge32004992 0000
Castle Badge32004993 0001
Pea Badge32004994 0002
Bean B. Badge32004995 0003
Counter Badge32004996 0004
Charity Badge32004997 0005
Bros. Badge32004998 0006
Miracle Badge32004999 0007
Ohoracle Badge3200499A 0008
Mush Badge3200499B 0009
Mari-Lui Badge3200499C 000A
Muscle Badge3200499D 000B
Spiny Badge AA3200499E 000C
Mush Badge A3200499F 000D
Grab Badge320049A0 000E
Mush Badge AA320049A1 000F
Power Badge320049A2 0010
Wonder Badge320049A3 0011
Beauty Badge320049A4 0012
Salvage Badge320049A5 0013
Oh-Pah Badge320049A6 0014
Brilliant Badge320049A7 0015
Sarge Badge320049A8 0016
General Badge320049A9 0017
Tank Badge320049AA 0018
School Emblem320049AB 0019
Steady Badge320049AC 001A
Oh-Jee Symbol320049AD 001B
Spiny Badge A320049AE 001C
Bros. Life320049AF 001D
Piranha Swing320049B0 001E
Bros. Rock320049B1 001F
Lucky Ribbon320049B2 0020
Mush Badge A (Double?)320049B3 0021
Soulful Bros.320049B4 0022
High-end Badge320049B5 0023
Hand Aura320049B6 0024
Sledge Heart320049B7 0025
Lucky Bros.320049B8 0026
Bros. Respect320049B9 0027
Bowser Fist320049BA 0028
Bowser Fang320049BB 0029
Spike Badge320049BC 002A
Chuckola Badge320049BD 002B
Have Star Badge Codes
Enable All Star Badge Slots2200433C 0004
42004982 0101
00000004 0002
Have Greed Wallet32004A02 0000
Have Bonus Ring32004A03 0001
Have Excite Spring32004A04 0002
Have Great Force32004A05 0003
Have Power Grip32004A06 0004
Have Cobalt Necktie32004A07 0005
Have Game Boy Horror SP32004A08 0006
Have Armor Codes
Enable All Armor Slots4200494A 6363
00000017 0002
Have Work Pants320049CA 0000
Have Work Jeans320049CB 0001
Have Bean Trousers320049CC 0002
Have Bean Pants320049CD 0003
Have Parasol Pants320049CE 0004
Have Blue Jeans320049CF 0005
Have Heart Jeans320049D0 0006
Have Hard Pants320049D1 0007
Have #1 Trousers320049D2 0008
Have Plaid Trousers320049D3 0009
Have Shroom Pants320049D4 000A
Have Safety Slacks320049D5 000B
Have Shroom Slacks320049D6 000C
Have Shroom Bells320049D7 000D
Have Mushwin Pants320049D8 000E
Have Peachy Jeans320049D9 000F
Have Scandal Jeans320049DA 0010
Have Mushluck Pants320049DB 0011
Have Tropic Slacks320049DC 0012
Have Street Jeans320049DD 0013
Have Beanstar Pants320049DE 0014
Have Hermetic Pants320049DF 0015
Have Queen B.Jeans320049E0 0016
Have Peasley Slacks320049E1 0017
Have Heart Slacks320049E2 0018
Have B.Brand Jeans320049E3 0019
Have Bubbles's Gear320049E4 001A
Have Casual Slacks320049E5 001B
Have Smart Pants320049E6 001C
Have Chuckola Pants320049E7 001D
Have Oho Jee Wear320049E8 001E
Have School Slacks320049E9 001F
Have Casual Coral320049EA 0020
Have Oho Gear320049EB 0021
Have Anuboo Jeans320049EC 0022
Have Piranha Suit320049ED 0023
Have Heavy Slacks320049EE 0024
Have Ancient Pants320049EF 0025
Have Harhall's Pants320049F0 0026
Have Light Slacks320049F1 0027
Have Wool Trousers320049F2 0028
Have Jeanie Jeans320049F3 0029
Have Jeaniest Jeans320049F4 002A
Have Random Slacks320049F5 002B
Have Iron Pants320049F6 002C
Have Safe Guard320049F7 002D
Mario Codes
Infinite HP82004866 03E7
Max Hp8200486A 03E7
Infinite BP8200486C 03E7
Max BP82004870 03E7
Max Power82004874 03E7
Max Speed82004878 03E7
Max Defense8200487C 03E7
Max Stache82004880 03E7
Max All Stats42004866 03E7
0000000E 0002
Luigi Codes
Level 99320048C4 0063
Infinite HP820048A2 03E7
Max HP820048A6 03E7
Infinite BP820048A8 03E7
Max BP820048AC 03E7
Max Power820048B0 03E7
Max Speed820048B4 03E7
Max Defense820048B8 03E7
Max Stache820048BC 03E7
Max All Stats420048A2 03E7
0000000E 0002
Mario Bros. Codes
Quick Score Gain83001BD4 FFFF
Max Score83001BD4 423F
83001BD6 000F
Always Have POW Blocks830033E8 B0AF
83002EE8 B0AF
Infinite Continues33001C16 0009
Infinite Lives33001C17 0009
Easy Win33001BFE 0001
Infinite Bonus Time83001BF8 0100
Level Modifier33001C00 00??
330054F0 00??