Mario Kart-Super Circuit

Credit: Masa, DarkSerge, Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000D02A 000A
1002D80A 0007
Always Low Time83005C80 0000
Infinite Retries3300000C 0003
Max Coins33003D10 0063
Character Modifier83003BE4 00??
Weapon Modifier83003D12 ????
Can Drive More Places83003C1D 0040
Turbo Mode74000130 03FE
33003C56 00FF
Press Select+L To End Race74000130 01FB
33003BE0 0034
Press Select+Up For Auto Pilot On74000130 03BB
33003BE1 00A0
Press Select+Down For Auto Pilot Off74000130 037B
33003BE1 0080
Unlock All Special Cups42032BA8 0000
0000001E 0002
Unlock All Extra Tracks8203376C 0000