Mario Golf Advance Tour

Credit: DarkSerge, Helder, Mac2492, caitsith2

Enable Code (Must Be On)00000391 000A
10000600 0007
Always Have 0 Shots (Perfect Score)32000936 0000
Max Score8200052E FF99
Max Exp83002610 270F
Go To Level 99 With No Exp Usage83002614 6C15
83002618 6C15
Press L+R+Up To Refill Stat Points74000130 00BF
330019F6 0063
Press L+R+Down To Deplete Stat Points74000130 007F
330019F6 0000
Max Stats On Level Up4300262E 6262
00000005 0002
Play Main Menu Music Modifier720083A0 2003
820083A0 20??
Infinite Power Shots320009D4 0063
320313B2 0063
Infinite Mulligans320009D6 0063
Wireless Adaptor Option In Multiplayer Menu/Club Exchange Menu (L & R)720083A0 2003
74000130 00FF
330038C8 0002