Madden NFL 2004

Credit: StalkerX

NOTE: This Game Needs Code Breaker Version 1.1 Or HIGHER!!
Enable Code (Must Be On)00000000 0002
10008F68 0007
Always 1st Down320007E4 0001
Always 4th Down320007E4 0004
Press Select For More Time To Choose Your Play74000130 03FB
320007DA 0032
Home Team Score Modifier3200208E 00??
Home Team Start With Score Modifier7200208E 0000
3200208E 00??
Away Team Score Modifier320021DE 00??
Away Team Start With Score Modifier720021DE 0000
320021DE 00??
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs32000541 0003
Home Team No Time-Outs32000541 0000
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs32000540 0003
Away Team No Time-Outs32000540 0000