Konami Krazy Racers

Credit: XAnimal, Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)00002B8F 000A
100008B4 0007
Max Coins P18201BFC2 03E7
Max Money (Shop)8201BE68 03E7
Have All Rumors (Romor Billboard)8201BDBC FFFF
Start On S Class License Tests8201BE5C 0002
All License Tests Complete3201BDBA 00FF
Have Red Missile830001B4 7003
Always Max Weapon Power330001B6 0003
Always Place 1st330001B8 0000
P1 Always Goemon3201BCEA 0000
P1 Always Pastel3201BCEA 0001
P1 Always Nyami3201BCEA 0002
P1 Always Ninja3201BCEA 0003
P1 Always Pawapuro-Kun3201BCEA 0004
P1 Always Takosuke3201BCEA 0005
P1 Always Dracula3201BCEA 0006
P1 Always Moai3201BCEA 0007
P1 Always Ebisumaru3201BCEA 0008
P1 Always King3201BCEA 0009
P1 Always Vic Viper3201BCEA 000A
P1 Always Bear Tank3201BCEA 000B