Kirby And The Amazing Mirror (European)

Credit: Helder, radical dreamer

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000D408 000A
10152E48 0007
Hold L+A For Moon Jump72020FF8 0201
82020FB2 0400
Infinite Phone Calls32020FBC 0003
Always 3 Kirby's In Reserve3203AD44 0004
Invincible32020F3C 0006
Infinite HP32020FE0 000A
Max HP32020FE1 000A
Infinite Lives32020FE2 0063
Power Modifier32020FE3 00??
Yellow Helper Kirby Power Modifier3202118B 00??
Red Helper Kirby Power Modifier32021333 00??
Green Helper Kirby Power Modifier320214DA 00??
Have Full Map3203897C 00FF
Have Mirror Complete82038970 FFFF
Access All Extras42038972 FFFF
00000008 0002