Kao-The Kangaroo

Credit: DarkSerge, StalkerX

Enable Code (Must Be On)00004679 000A
10000F94 0007
Invincible330037A0 0001
Infinite Lives33001800 0063
Infinite Health33001C60 000F
Max Flags330055A0 0063
Infinite Gloves330036E0 0063
Max Coins8300184C 03E7
1-Hit Death (Bosses)330035D0 0000
Super Speed330037BA 000F
Push Select For More Time (Bonus Level)74000130 03FB
3300387E 0000
74000130 03FB
330037BA 0000
Have Bonus Key Full33002998 0004
Press Select To Fly74000130 03FB
830037DA 00FF