Credit: Code Master, Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000F111 000A
10004E64 0007
Infinite Lives33000102 0004
Infinite Health33000103 000C
Max Score83000114 967F
83000116 0098
Rapid Fire33000120 0000
Have Weapon Codes
Press B For Gold Stars74000130 03FD
33000121 001C
Press Select+B For Green Fire74000130 03F9
33000121 001E
Press L For Purple Pellets74000130 01FF
33000121 001D
Press Select+L For Purple Pellets #274000130 01FB
33000121 0020
Press R For Blue Balls74000130 02FF
33000121 001F
Press Select+R For Red Shot74000130 02FB
33000121 0021