Inspector Gadget Racing (European)

Credit: Shimer, radical dreamer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00008CA9 000A
10026448 0007
Unlock All Tours83006048 01F9
Unlock All Cars33006042 0101
1 Lap To Race73005B82 0001
33005B82 0003
73005E22 0101
33005E21 0001
33005B83 0000
Infinite Power83005B42 0384
Infinite Gadget Power83005BE4 0000
Can Fly On Non-Flying Levels83005B58 A5B0
Activate Power-Up Codes
Press A+R For Turbo74000130 02FE
83005BC8 0401
Press Up+R For Missiles74000130 02BF
83005BC8 0402
Press Select+R For BubbleGum74000130 02FB
83005BC8 0403
Press Down+R For Shield74000130 027F
83005BC8 0404