Harvest Moon-Friends Of Mineral Town

Credit: radical dreamer, helder, likk

IMPORTANT GAME NOTE: I think it's safe to say, that all of the codes for this game, hate the 'load game' screen.

So in order to use all of the codes safely, you must:
1. Already have a saved game.
2. After choosing your codes and starting up the game, TURN THE CODEBREAKER OFF.
3. Load your savegame up.
4. When you are in-game, (can move your character around), then turn the codebreaker back on, press select to enter the farm earnings screen and then exit to have all of your codes active.

That's it.
Remember to do this every time you wanna use your codes, because the game will crash if you try to load your savegame while the codes are still on.
Enable Code (Must Be On)0000E882 000A
100D1BF8 0007
Max Gold820068B4 E0FF
820068B6 05F5
Infinite Stamina32006A29 004B
32006A2A 002A
Infinite Lumber82004E30 03E7
Max Backpack Slots32006A44 0008
Press Select For Fully-Expanded House!74000130 03FB
82005000 009A
74000130 03FB
82005001 FF9A
74000130 03FB
82005003 FF00
74000130 03FB
82005004 FFFF
74000130 03FB
82005005 FFFF
Weather Modifier32004E14 00??
Day/Season Modifier32004E1D 00??
Year Modifier33004E1C 00??
Infinite Horse Race Medals82007A54 9BFF
Max Earnings In Current Year820069B4 FFFF
820069B6 FFFF
Really Fast Running Power7203907A 0002
E203906A 000A
7203907A FFFE
E203906A FFF5
7203907E 0002
E203906E 000A
7203907E FFFE
E203906E FFF5
Press L To Increase Time Much Faster74000130 03DF
E2004E1E 0100
Max Affection Codes
Popuri32006B8D 00FF
Maria32006C49 00FF
Karen32006CD9 00FF
Elli32006D05 00FF
Ann32006D59 00FF
Max Love/Crown & Never Sick Codes
Dog82006A94 FC00
82006A96 FFFF
82006A98 003F
Horse-Grown Up Too82004E4C FF00
82004E4E FFFF
82004E50 003F
Barn Animal 182005444 FC00
82005446 FFFF
82005448 003F
Barn Animal 282005480 FC00
82005482 FFFF
82005484 003F
Barn Animal 3820054BC FC00
820054BE FFFF
820054C0 003F
Barn Animal 4820054F8 FC00
820054FA FFFF
820054FC 003F
Barn Animal 582005534 FC00
82005536 FFFF
82005538 003F
Barn Animal 682005570 FC00
82005572 FFFF
82005574 003F
Barn Animal 7820055AC FC00
820055AE FFFF
820055B0 003F
Barn Animal 8820055E8 FC00
820055EA FFFF
820055EC 003F
Barn Animal 982005624 FC00
82005626 FFFF
82005628 003F
Barn Animal 1082005660 FC00
82005662 FFFF
82005664 003F
Barn Animal 118200569C FC00
8200569E FFFF
820056A0 003F
Barn Animal 12820056D8 FC00
820056DA FFFF
820056DC 003F
Barn Animal 1382005714 FC00
82005716 FFFF
82005718 003F
Barn Animal 1482005750 FC00
82005752 FFFF
82005754 003F
Barn Animal 158200578C FC00
8200578E FFFF
82005790 003F
Barn Animal 16820057C8 FC00
820057C8 FFFF
820057C8 003F
Max Love/Crown, Grown Up & Never Sick Codes
Chicken 182005250 FFCF
82005252 FFFF
82005254 003F
Chicken 282005280 FCFF
82005282 FFFF
82005284 003F
Chicken 3820052B0 FCFF
820052B2 FFFF
820052B4 003F
Chicken 4820052E0 FCFF
820052E2 FFFF
820052E4 003F
Chicken 582005310 FCFF
82005312 FFFF
82005314 003F
Chicken 682005340 FCFF
82005342 FFFF
82005344 003F
Chicken 782005370 FCFF
82005372 FFFF
82005374 003F
Chicken 8820053A0 FCFF
820053A2 FFFF
820053A4 003F
Backpack Item Modifier Codes
Slot 182006A48 ????
Slot 282006A4C ????
Slot 382006A50 ????
Slot 482006A54 ????
Slot 582006A58 ????
Slot 682006A5C ????
Slot 782006A60 ????
Slot 882006A64 ????