Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Credit: Helder, Lab Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)0000ACBE 000A
1003EEA4 0007
Quick Level Up830026F0 03E7
Infinite Sickles (Cash)83003180 270F
Max Cards430031D8 0909
00000019 0002
Almost All Cards4300320A FFFF
00000003 0002
83003210 0BFF
Full Folio Bruti43003190 0303
0000001B 0002
Harry Codes
Infinite SP83002510 03E7
Infinite MP83002512 03E7
Max SP830024F4 03E7
Max MP830024F6 03E7
All Spells Maxed330024FB 0007
430024FC 0303
00000005 0002
Hermione Codes
Infinite SP8300253C 03E7
Infinite MP8300253E 03E7
Max SP83002558 03E7
Max MP8300255A 03E7
All Spells Maxed33002543 0007
43002544 0303
00000005 0002
Ron codes
Infinite SP83002584 03E7
Infinite MP83002586 03E7
Max SP830025A0 03E7
Max MP830025A2 03E7
All Spells Maxed3300258B 0007
4300258C 0303
00000005 0002