Guilty Gear X-Advance (European)

Credit: Helder, Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00006D40 000A
10000930 0007
Unlock Extra Fighters32000024 0003
Unlock Extra Options32000028 000F
Max Level In Survival Mode8200060C 03E6
Infinite Death Meter82002F7E 03E8
Always Have Death Meter72002F74 0002
82002F74 0001
P1/Partner Codes
Infinite Health82002F76 01B8
Special Bar Full82002F7C 03E8
Special Bar Full (Tag Mode)82002F7C 05DC
Can't Be Dazed82002F7A 0000
Press Select To Daze Opponent72000006 0004
32002F8B 0001
1 Win Victory720006F8 0001
32000695 0002
P2/Partner (Opponent) Codes
Infinite Health82002F86 01B8
Half Health72002F86 01B8
82002F86 00DC
Special Bar Full82002F8C 03E8
Special Bar Full (Tag Mode)82002F8C 05DC
Special Bar Empty82002F8C 0000
Can't Be Dazed82002F8A 0000
Always Dazed82002F8B 0001
1 Win Victory7200070C 0001
320006B1 0002
Can't Win Round3200070C 0000
320006B1 0000