Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Credit: Emperor GJK, Shimer,

Enable Code (Must Be On)000018B5 000A
10002FE0 0007
Invincibility330009D0 0000
Infinite Health330009D1 00F4
330009D2 0001
Infinite Potions330009DF 0010
Start With 50,0000 Coins730009D4 0000
830009D4 C350
Level 99330009D9 0063
Max Stats Codes
Strength830009C8 03E7
Speed830009CA 03E7
Armour830009CC 03E7
Magic830009CE 03E7
Have Potion Codes
Red Potion330009DC 0000
Blue Potion330009DC 0004
Green Potion330009DC 0008
Gold Potion330009DC 000C
Have Shot Modifier Codes
3 Way Shot330009E6 0001
5 Way Shot330009E7 0002