Frogger Advance-The Great Quest

Credit: misfire, Shimer

Enable Code (Must Be On)00006AE7 000A
100007CC 0007
Infinite Lives32000028 0063
Infinite Health32000048 0064
Max Coins (Total)8200005C 03E7
Max Gems (Total)82000060 03E7
Max Tokens82000064 03E7
Invincible/Infinite Time (Race To Be King Mode)330002A8 0000
Have All Specials82000044 000F
Press R Button For Moon JumpD0000020 0100
8201208C FD00
D0000020 0100
8201208E FFFF
Unlock World Codes (Map Menu)
Fairy Town33001870 0001
Starkenstein33001870 0002
Castle Joy33001870 0003
Have Grade A+ Codes
River Town33001874 0000
Fairy Town33001878 0000
Starkenstein3300187C 0000
Castle Joy33001880 0000
All Levels43001874 0000
00000004 0004