Dragon Ball Z-The Legacy Of Goku 2

Credit: Likk, Helder

Enable Code (Must Be On)00004351 000A
10020D70 0007
Infinite Super Saiyan Power/Namek Power83000E98 0000
Press L For All Nameks Found74000130 01FF
83000F68 43FF
Can Always Attack (Even When U Have The Egg)83000CFC 0001
Gohan Codes
Enable Character83000EB0 0043
Infinite HP83000E9C 03E7
Max HP83000E9E 03E7
Infinite EP83000EA0 03E7
Max EP83000EA2 03E7
Max STR33000EA7 0064
Max POW33000EA9 0064
Max END33000EAB 0064
Have All Special Abilities33000EB0 00FF
Max EXP83000EAC E0FF
83000EAE 05F5
Piccolo Codes
Enable Character83000ECC 0043
Infinite HP83000EB8 03E7
Max HP83000EBA 03E7
Infinite EP83000EBC 03E7
Max EP83000EBE 03E7
Max STR33000EC3 0064
Max POW33000EC5 0064
Max END33000EC7 0064
Have All Special Abilities33000ECC 00FF
Piccolo Max EXP (Lv. 50)83000EC8 E0FF
83000ECA 05F5
Vegeta Codes
Enable Character83000EE8 0043
Infinite HP83000ED4 03E7
Max HP83000ED6 03E7
Infinite EP83000ED8 03E7
Max EP83000EDA 03E7
Max STR33000EDF 0064
Max POW33000EE1 0064
Max END33000EE3 0064
Have All Special Abilities33000EE8 00FF
Max EXP (Lv. 50)83000EE4 E0FF
83000EE6 05F5
Trunks Codes
Enable Character83000F04 0043
Infinite HP83000EF0 03E7
Max HP83000EF2 03E7
Infinite EP83000EF4 03E7
Max EP83000EF6 03E7
Max STR33000EFB 0064
Max POW33000EFD 0064
Max END33000EFF 0064
Max EXP (Lv. 50)83000F00 E0FF
83000F02 05F5
Goku Codes
Enable Character83000F20 0043
Infinite HP83000F0C 03E7
Max HP83000F0E 03E7
Infinite EP83000F10 03E7
Max EP83000F12 03E7
Max STR33000F17 0064
Max POW33000F19 0064
Max END33000F1B 0064
Max EXP (Lv. 50)83000F1C E0FF
83000F1E 05F5
Hercule Codes
Enable Character83000F3C 0043
Infinite HP83000F28 03E7
Max HP83000F2A 03E7
Infinite EP83000F2C 03E7
Max EP83000F2E 03E7
Max STR33000F33 0064
Max POW33000F35 0064
Max END33000F37 0064
Max EXP (Lv. 50)83000F38 E0FF
83000F3A 05F5
All Character Codes
Have All Characters/Abilities43000EB0 007F
00000005 001C
83000F3C 0043
Max Stats43000EB2 6400
00000006 001C
43000EB4 6400
00000006 001C
43000EB6 6400
00000006 001C
Max EXP (Lv. 50)43000EB8 E0FF
00000006 001C
43000EBA 05F5
00000006 001C
Infinite HP43000E9C 03E7
00000006 001C
Max HP43000E9E 03E7
00000006 001C
Infinite EP43000EA0 03E7
00000006 001C
Max EP43000EA2 03E7
00000006 001C
Max Item Codes
STR Capsule +133000FBD 0063
STR Capsule +333000FBE 0063
STR Capsule +533000FBF 0063
Power Capsule +133000FC0 0063
Power Capsule +333000FC1 0063
Power Capsule +533000FC2 0063
END Capsule +133000FC3 0063
END Capsule +333000FC4 0063
END Capsule +533000FC5 0063
Senzu Bean33000FBA 0003
Album33000FCD 0001
Club Sandwich33000FCE 0001
Newspaper33000FCF 0001
Cookie33000FD0 0063
Scouter33000FD1 0001
Scouter Note33000FD2 0001
Scouter Part (1)33000FD3 0001
Scouter Part (2)33000FD4 0001
Apt. A Card33000FD5 0001
Apt. B Card33000FD6 0001
Grandpa's Key33000FDF 0001
Math Book33000FE0 0001
Blue Card33000FE2 0001
Red Card33000FE3 0001
Autograph (Hercule)33000FE4 0001
Fish33000FE5 0003
Bait33000FE6 0001
Dragon Radar33000FE7 0001
Have Dragon Ball Codes
Dragon Ball With 1 Star330011F4 0001
Dragon Ball With 2 Stars330011F5 0001
Dragon Ball With 3 Stars330011F6 0001
Dragon Ball With 4 Stars330011F7 0001
Dragon Ball With 5 Stars330011F8 0001
Dragon Ball With 6 Stars330011F9 0001
Dragon Ball With 7 Stars330011FA 0001